The Little Dessert Shop – Telford – Review

A few weeks ago my friends invited me out to eat cake! ( Seriously the Facebook invite was something like Cake and more Cake!)  I wasn’t going to refuse especially when they said we were off to try out the new Little Dessert Shop in town

We made our way through the entrance where there was some confusion over whether or not we had booked. My friend had called and been told that we didn’t need to book as there was a fast turn over, then when we got there we were told we should have booked. This wasn’t a massive issue , we were given a table and we made our way over. ( Anna had gotten there a little earlier and was ready waiting for us at the table after sorting out the confusion.

The Menu

The menu was presented beautifully, it was in what I would describe as like a book. If you get wedding photos and they are all in a book, you know the kind of thing I mean right? Well I figured you might not so I took a photo of it to show you what I meant!

Everything was very clear, had a list of ingredients on it so that you knew what you was getting and all of the desserts were listed in sections, so there was waffles, crepes, cheesecake, drinks etc. Now the only problem we had was which ones to choose!

Our Choices


 The Chocolate Brownie Blast -Indulgent Brownie gelato & Vanilla ice cream layered with captivating chocolate brownie chunks, luxurious toffee & chocolate sauce, classic wafer, whipped cream & fabulous fudge pieces.

Unfortunately we didn’t get a photo of Rachels, It doesn’t appear to have lasted very long


The Choc Bar Cookie Dough –  crafted to give you a choco choca load of chocolatey dancing in your mouth. An enriching chocolate bar experience, with a delectable difference! Melting gooey milk chocolate cookie dough, fused with your favourite chocolate treat. Topped with luxury Belgian milk chocolate & luscious Vanilla ice cream. Choose from freestyle Ferrero Rocher, smooth Kinder Bueno, cha- cha- cha Oreo or Samba Smarties for pleasure perfection –  A one, two-step to your tasty dessert creation!


The Choc Chip Cookie Dough – Double up divine deliciousness with this hot double chocolate chip cookie dough. Served with a creamy Vanilla ice cream scoop, whipped cream & garnished with a rich melting Belgian milk chocolate drizzle.


Snow White –  Silky Smooth Belgian white chocolate & white chocolate curls embellish a freshly made crepe. Served with a scoop of smooth premium Milky Bar gellato & topped with whipped cream.


Ferrero Fantasy -Heavenly nutty Ferrero Rocher pieces drizzled with Nutella, embellished with Ferrero Rocher gelato, delicate nut crumbles & a smooth whipped cream finale.


Endless Temptation -Luxurious drizzles of Nutella, Kinder Bueno pieces & delicate Flake crumbles, on a fresh golden waffle. Served with a scoop of decadent Kinder Bueno gelato.

We were also handed a Berries and Cream Crepe – A fabulous forest fruit explosion of juicy blueberries, sensational fresh strawberries, drizzled with zingy raspberry & strawberry sauce. Served with creamy Vanilla ice cream. Which we were told was complimentary.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their desserts and were suitably filled from them. Everything seemed to be extremely fresh. I was slightly shocked when I recently heard a whole heap of bad reviews about the place because we genuinely had a lovely experience. The only complaints we actually had was the fact that there was too much and some of us struggled to eat it! Even the drinks were delicious ( although it would have been nice if cocktails were available as well as mocktails)

I personally loved the fact we could see right into the kitchen and see how everything was being prepared and everywhere had a lovely clean feel to it. It was extremely bright in there and there seemed to be lights everywhere but all in all we really enjoyed ourselves and will be returning. A couple of hours away from the children eating desserts? Ermmm yes please!

What did the rest of the girls think?

Emma – Cookie dough was tasty with plenty of kinda bueno pieces on top. Good portion sizes. Service was a little slow but it was busy. Would happily go back again.

Claire – The waffle was delicious however half would have been enough for me. Would definitely go back to try something else.

Amber – I really enjoyed myself, great little place to go. Cookie dough was brilliant and plenty of it. The skittles milkshake was unusual but it worked well and id definitely have it again.

Rachel –  I enjoyed what I had and the skittles shake was tasty and unusual. However I would have liked to have seen more ‘cake’ type desserts on the menu! Would definitely visit again

Anna – It was great, tasty and filling. Nice friendly atmosphere






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