Life is very short why are we all wasting it?

Today’s blog comes after we received some sad news that my sisters ex-husband passed away after a battle with cancer, I also have another friend who is fighting this horrible disease yet is truly inspirational and has nothing but uplifting posts on Facebook, there is no feeling sorry for himself but that doesn’t surprise me as he has always been quite the character and able to get you out of a grump. Life isn’t always kind.

Alongside this I know of several people who spend every single day battling illnesses that they have absolutely no control over yet here I am moaning about the fact I’ve had a cold and flu for a few weeks.

Life really is short yet we all spend so much time wasting it, I am no exception today I have slumped around in my pj’s doing only what’s necessary to get through to the end of the day. You see I am fighting my own battles but realistically in the grand scheme of things I’m alive and have a future ahead of me so why am I wasting so much of this precious time?

You only get one life and you should live it with everything that you have after all only you can change your life and make it better right?

So with this in mind I have decided I don’t want to waste anymore time and I’ve already taken some steps to improving my life they are very small steps but hopefully they will lead to bigger things. ¬†For example this week I have been to the quit clinic to stop smoking , I’ve sent of an email to volunteer somewhere that helps people with mental health issues and I’ve sat down and had a heart to heart with Gareth about how we can improve our lives and our relationship.

Everyday is a blessing and we all take it completely for granted, I think I’m going to write a bucket list and try to work my way through it , why not ? what have I got to lose?

Do you have a bucket list? if so what is on it?

Sorry for the deep post but sometimes we just need to sit and reflect and today I have thought alot about people that have gone too soon or who are fighting so hard to keep going , hats off to all of you fighting your own individual battles


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