Life In General

I am not just a parent and nor are you! We are humans and people beyond just being parents. Sometimes life  in general is tough and we just need to talk about it or something else I have discovered is being a parent can become incredibly lonely and it can be tough realising that you maybe don’t have as many close friends as you thought.

I created a local mum group because of loneliness . I figured that I couldn’t be the only person in my situation where I felt like I had nowhere to turn and I just needed to get out of the house with the kids for a few hours, having a coffee and a natter whilst the children play. It can be surprising just how lonely being a parent can be. Yes you’re busy and not lonely when they’re around but what about when they go to bed at the end of the day? who is there for you then? Even if you have a partner sometimes its difficult to even talk to them. I want people to know that it’s ok to say you would like to make strong friendships and to have dreams, if you miss people or are wishing you had the bonds you used to have.

In this section I will be sharing with you some of my thoughts from parenting to health and relationships anything that pops into my head really, trust me I never stop thinking and some things are so random so sharing them should be interesting!

If I feel down or miserable for whatever reason I will let you know. Equally if I’m excited or happy I will share those with you too.

I think its important to still have your own thoughts and feeling and to share them and for people to see that they aren’t the only ones going through sometimes tough times.