Let’s Talk About Sex Baby

My older 2 are now 14 and 13 which means it’s come to that time where we talk about the birds and the bees, the rumpy pumpy, doing the deed. SEX!

I think this is a moment in your life as a parent you dread, you know they need to know and you know they need all the relevant information so that they remain safe but it’s an embarrassing subject for all concerned.

I don’t remember ever having the ‘sex chat’ with my Mum, I think when she tried I pretty much told her I knew it all and didn’t need the chat. By the time my mum had approached the subject I probably knew more than she did.

I lost my virginity quite young and it was an experience that I won’t forget in a hurry , I was pretty clueless and it didn’t help that my virginity was lost to someone who was also a virgin ( like the blind leading the blind)

Being open and honest

When I was younger I really struggled to talk to my parents about embarrassing subjects such as periods, growing boobs and sex. It was never something I was comfortable with so when my children came along I wanted to be as open and honest as I possibly could. Therefore if they had any problems they could come to me knowing that I would listen to what they say and give them the advice they were looking for without the need to feel embarrassed.

This approach seems to have been successful as now at their teenage years they have absolutely no problems discussing embarrassing subject with me. We even have a laugh about it. I don’t sugar coat it with the whole ” When two people love each other they cuddle and then Daddy sprinkles his magic dust to create beautiful babies like you”

Instead I tell them as much as I can without going into too much graphical detail. I would rather be open with my children and answer their questions honestly so that they are prepared for the grown up world than make it all sweetness and light and leave them not knowing what to expect ( no-one tells you about the wet patches!)

Nobody wants to think about their children getting older

As much as nobody wants to think about their children meeting someone and having sex the truth is they definitely will ( unless they decide a life of celibacy which isn’t very likely) I just think surely it’s better to have them enter this with knowledge and understanding so that they are aware and can remain as safe as possible than to turn a blind eye to it.

We have discussed everything from getting an erection, condoms , STDs and Pregnancy. We’ve even discussed wet dreams, when the time is right and as they get older I will discuss more. I want my children to not only be armed with all the information they could need to make their decisions but also to feel comfortable enough with me that if there is a problem they can just take me to one side to check if it’s normal, natural etc.

Are you open with your children? Are you avoiding the subjects? Are you under the illusion that your prince or princess won’t ever have sex ( trust me as open as I am with my children I’m not in any rush to know that they’ve moved onto this phase in their lives after all they are still my babies!)


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