Let’s talk about food! Are you a food snob?

Now I’m aware this is a really random topic but whilst sitting there tonight eating my luxury tea of spaghetti hoops on toast, looking at the comments on the post I put up on my Facebook page about foods you were made to eat as a child and have never eaten since it got me thinking about how other people eat and their food preferences. Let me explain …

When it comes to my food shopping I know what I like and what I don’t like. I was actually having a conversation the other day on Twitter with Martyn from Inside Martyns Thoughts about just how fussy an eater I am. I don’t like red meat what so ever. I can’t stand beef , lamb is absolutely vile. In fact I hate it that much that even the smell makes me physically heave! I don’t eat any fish apart from tuna. I don’t like sausage unless they are quorn sausages. Yes I really am that fussy!

Shopping is an absolute nightmare

I flatly refuse to buy cheap crisps. I don’t know why I just don’t like them. The same can be said for things like ham. I can’t buy the wafer thin stuff. It HAS to be the thick sliced slightly more expensive stuff. Bacon has to have barely any fat on it and preferably be smoked. Toilet roll always has to be the thicker stuff. Juice, despite the fact I rarely even drink it I always buy the more expensive brands.

Fizzy drinks have to be by the bigger brands. I just prefer the quality of them. I find the cheaper versions seem flavourless, although I don’t mind so much if they are being mixed with alcohol. Coffee, now coffee is where I really am a bit of a snob. Friends will tell you that before accepting a drink from them I will ask what coffee they have and I don’t do it to be rude I just seem to have very over sensitive taste buds.

However when it comes to spaghetti hoops I prefer supermarkets own brands. I find the branded ones are really watery and sweet where as the supermarket own brand ones seem thicker and have more flavour to them.

Can you imagine what it’s like going out for a meal with me? I never eat at people’s houses, I love being invited to bbq’s but never actually eat at them. I don’t eat of buffets. I actually think I may have some kind of food OCD ( is this an actual thing? ) and I always offer to do the cooking if there is any kind of big event. In fact if I accept your cooking you are very privileged as I rarely eat from anybody.

Am I the only person that is this fussy or are there other people like me out there? Maybe it has gotten worse since I took my food hygiene courses during my time working in catering? Do you have preferences when you’re doing your food shop?

I feel like as I have gotten older I have become more fussy , I thought you was supposed to grow out of your fussiness not into it?

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