Leaving school in 2020 during lockdown

As we all know this year has been a bit crazy with Covid-19 swooping in and changing our lives. But could you imagine being in Year 11 during this time and missing out on vital things such. Saying goodbye to your friends being taken away from you. GCSE exams being cancelled after all of your hard work. Prom that you’ve spent all year looking forward to not existing? I thought I would let you all see what it is like from the viewpoint of Harry my 16 year old, who had to leave a week earlier than lockdown due to his sister having a cough.

How did you feel when you had to go into isolation before school officially went into lockdown?

To begin with I was really annoyed at my sister as she had a temperature for one day. The school then wouldn’t let me return for 14 days due to the isolation period. My GCSE’s were fast approaching and I was panicking about having enough time to prepare for them.
My school had put a red carpet out and whilst all of the year 11 students walked down it everyone gave them a round of applause. I was sad that I didn’t get the opportunity to join in.

How about when all of the schools went into lockdown?

Not being able to say goodbye was a huge annoyance. There was a large amount of uncertainty and I wasn’t sure if I would get to see them again before we all went onto college.

It came on the news that GCSE’s were cancelled. Were you happy about this?

To be honest, I was feeling both relieved and disappointed. This was because I had spent the past 5 years of my life working for one singular goal. Just to be told it was for nothing. However I was relieved because I wasn’t doing too well in English and having a different way of marking them meant that my grade may improve.

Prom is yet another thing that you missed out on isn’t it?

Yes, It’s very disappointing that I didn’t get to go to prom. I had already been out with my grandad and bought my suit and was prepared for it. That is now hung up in my wardrobe waiting for some kind of occasion to wear it too.

What has lockdown been like for you?

At the very beginning of lockdown boredom kicked in and I found myself doing small jobs around the house to help my mum out. It was very frustrating not to be able to go anywhere or do anything especially when you’re as sociable as I am.
As we started to come out of lockdown I found my first proper job which was exciting. It allowed me to start having responsibilty with my own money.
During lockdown I had plenty of time to think about my identity and finally came out as gay to all of my friends and family which was a massive relief. Thankfully everyone was extremely supportive. I was surprised that not one person was homophobic towards me in anyway.

What are your plans moving forward?

Hopefully I will get into college and do an ICT level 3 after the plans for the first college I was accepted to got halted due to lack of contact during the Covid-19 lockdown.

I have also looked at and applied for some apprenticeships so right now I am just waiting to hear back from different places before making my final decision. Although time is quickly running out and it is starting to make me feel a little stressed.

August 20th I’ll be going to collect my GCSE’s so not failing any exams would be a bonus!

Thanks for chatting to me ( although it was painful and like trying to get blood out of a stone 😉 )

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