Leaving Daddy in charge this weekend!

Dear kids,

I love you incredibly, you are my absolute world however I am leaving this weekend. Now I know you will miss me and I will miss you too but I have to be honest I’m going to be having far too good a time with no nappies to change, homework to check, clothes to wash, tea to cook, bottles to make, boy problem advice and hearing about the latest gadgets to miss you all too much.

As you can see I’ve got all my things ready so if you could refrain from bringing any more germs into the house before Friday I will be eternally grateful.

With me being away it means daddy is in charge! Now as much as I’d like to think you will all be golden and I will come back to a tidy house and happy full up kids I also know that daddy is the biggest kid of you all so here are some ground rules.

  1.  NO PILLOW FIGHTS- we all know how I have had to confiscate them in the past
  2. CHOCOLATE IS NOT DINNER- Grabbing chocolate out of the cupboard does not equal to dinner, I’ve made sure I’ve left easy dinners in the freezer.
  3. NO FIZZY POP- Yes I know its quicker than making juice but it also rots your beautiful teeth.
  4. STICK TO BEDTIMES- Just because mummy isn’t here it doesn’t mean its a free for all.
  5. NO SLEEPOVERS –  No-one is staying out and no-one is staying here , Gareth/Daddy has enough to worry about and can’t come rescue you in the middle of the night.


So my beautiful babies, the rules are simple to follow, if you  could refrain from me coming back to find Daddy tied to a chair and the house looking like a bomb site I would really appreciate it, However in all honesty I will probably be too drunk to care.

If you could all be very quiet when I get home on Monday that would be fantastic, mummy will have a headache, now I would like to tell you its one of my poorly heads but it will probably from having too much fun.

Most importantly please be good! Yes even you Freddie!

Don’t miss me too much, I will be coming back a lovely refreshed , relaxed mummy.

Good luck guys, Good luck


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