Konditor & Cook – Festive Treats – Review

Christmas is fast approaching and there is nothing more that I love more than receiving festive treats through the post. I was super excited when I opened my parcel to reveal a posh box of treats from Konditor & Cook.

As you may have all noticed by now. I’m working with a range of companies in order to be able to show you a range of different products that you can get for Christmas to either gift to others or to make your lives that little easier.

When it comes to Konditor & Cook. I feel that these guys can cover both. The packaging on their goodies is very luxurious meaning that not only is it a perfect treat for yourself but also a fantastic treat that you can gift to others.

Every item is wrapped beautifully in cellophane and a ribbon and it just looks beautiful.  There is something really festive and lovely about items wrapped in cellophane. I’m not even sure why but I just think it helps with the festive feel.

A selection of sweet treats

Mince Pies

Despite being sent a range of goodies the ones that went the quickest were definitely the mince pies. I personally don’t like mince pies but when I asked everyone else who absolutely adored them their thoughts they told me that to pastry was beautiful. Ellie described it as tasting similar to short bread and melting in your mouth.

There was more than enough filling in each pie and it was very sweet and delicious. These mince pies can only be described as fruity and delicious.

Kipferl Biscuits

Kipferl biscuits are a very delicate, crescent-shaped biscuits which are said to have originated in Austria. They are a typical Christmas treat in Germany and Austria but are sold all year round.

Lightly toasted hazelnuts are finely ground and mixed with vanilla, sugar and organic butter, then hand rolled into crescent moons and lightly baked to produce a delicious nutty texture.

This is the first time I have personally ever tasted or heard of them but out of the selection of biscuit treats we were sent these were my personal favourite. You can really taste the hazelnuts in them and they are small enough that you don’t feel like you’re over indulging. Unless of course you choose to eat the whole bag which would be a very easy thing to do!

Kipferl biscuits wrapped in cellophane with a purple ribbon

They do more!

As well as the lovely treats that we were sent Konditor & Cook also do a range of cakes and Autumn bakes. From brownies to biscuits. Occasion cakes to bespoke cakes they really do have you covered!

Overall thoughts and feelings

I was genuinely really impressed with the packaging . All of our items came beautifully presented in a gorgeous purple box. ( This was even more awesome for me as purple is one of my favourite colours!)

After tasting the goodies we found that some of them weren’t to our liking as they were so rich in flavour. However the items we did enjoy were outstanding. I would definitely purchase some of these as Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Beautiful sweet treats

Merry Christmas


** I was given these products from Konditor & Cook in exchange for a review. All thoughts and feelings are entirely my own. 


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