The Kids Take Over – Ellie – Week 2

Each week I am handing over my blog to the kids to have their say and let you know whats going on with them. I have told them they can be completely honest and if I have annoyed them or if something has upset them then to just go for it and type how they feel. I figured this way you guys can get to know their personalities and more about who they are as each one of them is completely different.

Ellie week 2

Hello again people!

I’ve done quite a lot this week. First of all I went to Clubbercise and it was EXTREMELY hot. I like going to Clubbercise it disguises that you’re doing exercise and makes it more fun. I like the fact it’s very upbeat and we even get glow sticks, not only that but I did it in big, puffy , bright pink trousers that I had been given from my school project for house arts.  If you would like to see more of what Clubbercise is like my mum has made a Vlog 

On Saturday we went to the local fire station and Freddie loved it he is obsessed with anything to do with firemen and fire engines, after that we went to Carding Mill Valley with some family friends. It was really fun and we went into the little stream there. The boys were using the rocks to try to create a dam and even Freddie had a turn of paddling in the stream. My mum also vlogged our trips to the fire station and Carding Mill.

In school I have had my art exam and I got a 3+. It was the top score in my class and I was really proud of my drawing. It was a drawing of cutlery and I used the techniques I had been taught in lessons. It was a pencil drawing.

My class went on a trip to Wroxeter Roman City and I forgot to get a letter so I couldn’t go as I didn’t tell my parents until the day before everybody was due to go. It was too late. Instead I stayed in school and took part in normal lessons. I even had to hang around with Harry at break because all of my friends were on the trip.

That’s it from me today, catch me next week!


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