The Kids Take Over – Annabelle – Week 4

Each week I am handing over my blog to the kids to have their say and let you know whats going on with them. I have told them they can be completely honest and if I have annoyed them or if something has upset them then to just go for it and type how they feel. I figured this way you guys can get to know their personalities and more about who they are as each one of them is completely different.

Annabelle takes over week 4

So we’ve done a lot this week like go to our Uncle and Auntie’s house and been swimming I loved this week so much.

As I said we went to our Uncle and Auntie’s house and did lots of cool things there. We went to sir Isaac newton’s birthplace. We did experiments that Isaac newton did and one was really cool ,you had to look at a dot and close your left eye and the X by it would disappear when you moved the paper towards you. We also went to a park with a splash zone and got drenched by a big splash on one of the pieces of equipment.😅 The next day we went out to buy my birthday presents, I got £30 to buy them. I got lots of gifts and they’re all in the picture below.🤗

I got a lot of presents as I said, and I bet you guessed that the recorder made mom love me😉

Then me and Ellie made our own lip balms while the boys were doing their own kit. We made lip balms, smelly jellies and homemade perfumes. My lip balm smelt like blueberries and cherries and Ellie’s smelt like lavender and cherries. We made shower jellies (which is weird because Ellie’s nickname is jelly) and a room fragrance out of expanding crystals which was scented as lavender. The last night of it we watched minions, it was Ellie’s first time but i’d already watched it before. We had lots of sweets and cake while we were watching it. We left on the Tuesday. The day after we went swimming and had fun in the pool. This is the end of my weekly takeover this week

 photo 3DB12B9107F2523C5BD997C813AC89AF_zpszqjdtiag.png

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