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Everyone in these times has an email address or sometimes multiple email addresses. The main problems we all find especially as parents is spam email which sometimes are very inappropriate and a nuisance but we learn to ignore it, delete it or are able to spot when it is a scam email which is becoming more common.

Children tend to create emails for online games to play and are not taught how to deal with these constant emails properly. allows you to take control of your child’s email so you can guarantee its safe for them to use.


Personalization: This is where you can let your child choose their email around them and how they would like it to look.

  1. You child can pick a background for their emails e.g. butterflies or a pink background
  2. They can choose what name appears on their emails which amused our daughter
  3. Depending on your child’s age you can choose how easy or advanced the email and links are (are daughter has a simple setting where the buttons are just receiving, sending, contacts and paint

Parental Controls: You can take full control of your child’s emails from the settlings so you can be assured your children are safe.

  1. You can set it so when your child sends any emails at all you automatically receive a copy of what was sent so you can be assured is safe
  2. You can decide if you let your child have the ability to add contacts or you can add them yourself if needed
  3. Worried about your child receiving bad words or worse, you can select that any emails sent to you child with these are automatically rejected
  4. I personally like this one you can use a thing called “grounded” this is where you can set not only length of times but days where you don’t want your child using this and when they log in it will say sorry but you are grounded until…….

After setting this up and then letting our daughter go and figure this out by herself and see what she can do, she found it very exciting and grown up as she felt she had some independence.

Here’s what Annabelle had to say about

“The more you use it the easier it gets, I get the freedom to email my friends and family knowing I’m safe. I also like that I can use paint to make pictures and sent them in my emails to show off my work. I also think it’s a great idea that my parent can see what I’m writing”

Overall thoughts and feelings

We love the fact that we receive a copy of every email Annabelle sends meaning we can clearly see what she is doing and who she is speaking to. In this day and age its scary how easily children are led down a certain path via the internet and with the full parental controls I feel more confident that she is online safely. I also loved the fact we can filter out words so that she can not send or receive emails containing those words.

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