Is karaoke the reason I’m so calm?

OK so here’s the deal, most of you know my life has been what can only be described as , well erm miserable lately. However I have remained very calm and strong throughout. I was sat thinking and wondering what could have made me take everything so well and I am genuinely wondering if it is karaoke!

  1. a form of entertainment, offered typically by bars and clubs, in which people take turns to sing popular songs into a microphone over pre-recorded backing tracks.

I recently downloaded an app on my phone called Starmaker ( this is not a sponsored post AT ALL I just love the app) and basically you sing karaoke using your phone and some headphones. You can also do videos and collab with other singers, what’s even better is the fact it is completely FREE!!! I mean there are some in app purchases you can make but you can still use it successfully without them.

Singing makes me smile

I have always loved singing ever since I was small, in fact if I had a pound for every time I entered a talent show or took over whilst drunk in a pub I’m pretty sure I’d be driving a nice car ( so you get the idea) I remember when I was younger going up to a local pub every Thursday to sing on their karaoke with my mum and friends. There was a lovely lady there called Rose who used to thoroughly enjoy herself. The whole atmosphere of a good old karaoke just makes me smile.

Does it help stress?

I’m by no means any kind of expert on stress but I genuinely feel that this app and singing is what has helped me to keep a level head and not sink under what can only be described as a serious run of bad times.

I don’t even care if I sing in tune, I don’t care if I’ve sung the song before or not I just really enjoy it. After all karaoke isn’t about being the next Mariah Carey or Robbie Williams it’s simply about fun!


Give it a go you might enjoy it AND if you do decide to try it, add me we can sing together!!!  My username is MOFM_Sings

Thanks for reading

Whilst you’re hear why don’t you join me as I share with you some of my favourite songs.

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