Jobs are like buses!

So here’s the deal, You might remember a while ago I basically wrote a plea on my blog for someone to give me a job. I stated how desperate I was to go to work and earn money to make my family life better. The result was that NO jobs appeared at all!

I muddled on through the last god knows how long and kept applying for jobs. I did have a part time job in a local shop for a while but it worked out I was literally working for nothing as universal credits take 63p out of every pound after you have earned a certain amount so I left it again.

Applying for the worlds supply of jobs

Recently I got really fed up. Lockdown meant that social interaction was very sparse. There is only so much conversation you can have with little people. I mentioned to a friend that I was job hunting who told me about a vacancy within the covid track and trace system. Having sat through the interviews I was offered the position. In fact better than that they offered me a position that was in a supervisory.

Due to technical errors the start date was delayed. I decided it would be more sensible to keep looking for jobs.

Dream job!

Every since I was younger I have always had a big interest in social work. Helping out children who have had a less fortunate start in life. Feeling like I was giving them a fighting chance at a good life.

There was a vacancy advertised for a support worker in a childrens home and despite having no experience. I decided to apply anyway in the vain hope I would be given the opportunity.

The application was filled in and interviews were taken. Again I was offered the position. This time it was more promising as I spent a week doing some pretty tough training.

Again this was delayed. Due to the nature of the company references and checks all had to come back before I could begin my job. My DBS came back relatively quickly. ( shock to you all I know but turns out I am actually an angel and I have the paperwork to prove it)

Opportunity knocks when you least expect it

Whilst waiting to begin the new support work vacancy , again I decided to apply for more vacancies. These ranged from shops to fast food chains. Cleaning to a delivery driver. What I did wasn’t really important as long as I did something to try to help lead a better life. There’s no worse feeling than seeing your kids in tatty shoes and having to wait before being able to get them new ones ( that’s a whole other story)

Anyway, I’ve side tracked on my little story. Scrolling through Facebook I saw a few jobs that looked interesting. One caught my eye and it was for someone to help a company with their social media. To apply you had to send an example of your videos and they would get back to you. Well in all honesty my videos are either really poor quality or dodgy humoured Tiktoks so whilst the job sounded ideal I gave it a little like but didn’t apply.

Sunday afternoon I was pottering about the house, sorting my bedroom out when I got a message through messenger. It was from the guy who had advertised the social media job. He was asking my why I hadn’t applied and I explained that my videos were pants. After chatting for a while and him saying he had read my blog he invited me to have a chat with him.

Exciting stuff

After a lengthly phone call I was offered the job! And that is where I am now. This morning I went down to the office to meet him and discuss the position and I officially started working for the company today!

I’m super excited to take on this new exciting position and whilst I’ve never officially had any experience of doing anything like this. I am hoping that writing this blog and being a complete and utter social media addict will mean that I will be pretty good at it!

Today I had first hand experience of the kind of products they stock and they’re brilliant ( here is where I do my first shameless plug) go check out and have a nosey for yourself. It’s a shame I’m far to big to play on any of it!

The irony

Ironically , as I’ve been sat working out the frist things that I will be doing for my new job, An email has pinged through from one of the other jobs about trying to get me started ASAP

Jobs are like buses !

Thanks for reading

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