Jenkos Mongolian Restaurant – Food and Cocktails – Review

One of my friends noticed a post on Facebook that said one of our local restaurants were doing a deal on cocktails 2 – 4 – 1. None of us had been out in a very long time. In fact I personally hadn’t been out since March so a night out was overdue. It was only right that we decided to go test out the cocktails at Jenkos and whilst we were there have ourselves some food too.

Our experience

We walked into what looked like a tiny little bar where we were asked if we had booked a table. The lady directed us round the corner to another bar where we were taken to our seats. I can honestly say we all just went “WOW” The restaurant itself is set out in what looks like a huge log cabin. It’s all very cosy with twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling. For me this was VERY exciting, After all  I am Christmas obsessed and I love winter so this feeling of being in a cabin was very much up my street.

After being shown to our table we were asked if we would like to order drinks where we asked for a few more minutes as there were so many to choose from it would take us a little while to read through them all and decide. As it was 2-4-1 and there were 4 of us the sensible thing to do was to have 2 sets of 2 sharing the drinks. The only thing was that each set of 2- 4 – 1 had to be the same drink so you couldn’t mix and match. We didn’t mind so much as we had similar tastes but I feel if we were given the opportunity to choose ANY drink it would have given us all the chance to see what other drinks were like and may have encouraged us to buy more.

The Food

Originally we ummed and ahhed over whether or not to have the food as at £17.50 seemed quite a lot of money. We are all mummies on a rare night out and aren’t used to spending on ourselves so for us all it seemed a little bit steep, but as it was a rare night out we decided to treat ourselves and now I’ve been and sampled the food and the experience I would say in actual fact the price is far from expensive with what you get for the price.

So the way it works is you go up to the food area and pick up a metal bowl, They have an array of very fresh salad and vegetable items.  Once you have selected your vegetables you then move onto meat. There is a large selection of meat and you have the choices of plain or flavoured meats.



From there you head over to an array of spices and herbs. On the wall are some excellent combinations that you can try or if you’re feeling adventurous you can make your own up. It was lovely to see all the different spices and the way they were set out was really beautiful. I chose the fajita mix ( I’m a little bit of a wimp when it comes to trying new foods!) There were also different sauces, you could have anything from sweet and sour to plum sauce.  The advice was that for the best results you should choose 2 ladles.


Next was the interesting and exciting part, we moved along with our bowls of food where the chefs took them from us and placed them on a very large griddle pan, They had large pieces of wood that they used to moved the food around and cook it. You stand and watch the chefs as they cook all of your food with what can only be described as a mesmerizing skill. I have never cooked with a couple of pieces of wood before that’s for sure!

The next choice was whether you was going to have noodles, pasta or rice or even all 3!

All of the food was incredibly fresh, quite often when you go to all you can eat places the food is looking limp and like its been sat there for hours but you could clearly see just how fresh the food was.  Yes I did say ALL YOU CAN EAT! you can go up and make your selections as many times as you wish.

The cocktails

As I mentioned previously there was a very large selection of cocktails and throughout our nice we chose the Cherry Bakewell, Frozen Daiquiris , Sex on the Gobi and a screwball storm to try.

Cherry Bakewell

This cocktail quite surprisingly tasted EXACTLY like a cherry bakewell and was topped with lots of cream and a cherry. The only downside was there was a lot of cream but no way of actually getting it out of the glass, we were given the drinks with small straws like you get in a children’s cup drink so there was no way that I was going to be able to suck cream up through that. I was tempted to just put my finger in it but decided it was a little more of a sophisticated place than that.

Frozen daiquiri

There were a selection of flavours to choose from and we struggled to decide so left the decision up to the waitress She chose us the passionfruit flavour. It was very refreshing and I think this would be a perfect drink for a hot summers night. It was decorated with fresh fruit.

Sex on the Gobi

I ‘think’ this drink is very much the old classic sex on the beach. I didn’t try this one myself but my friends did and they said how it was lovely and they could have quite easily just drank lots of them and quickly!

Screwball Storm

This was my personal favourite , I had it at the end of my meal and found it was a perfect end to the night. I would quite happily sit and drink them all night long. I had to give my gumball to my friend Claire though as I have just had a tooth out and I wasn’t risking it! haha

Overall thoughts

My first impressions before I even entered the pub was my god that’s expensive but now I don’t feel that way at all, we paid approximately £30 per head and that was for the world’s supply of extremely fresh food and incredible cocktails. I will definitely be visiting again. The setting is perfect for both a night out with friends or for a romantic date night for two.

Every single one of us finished every last scrap of our food and we really enjoyed ourselves.If I was to have one criticism it would be that we waited quite a long time for drinks and we may have perhaps had more drinks if the wait wasn’t so long for them. We went up , selected our food, watched it be cooked and sat back down and our drinks were still not ready.

The restaurant itself is extremely clean and very welcoming, all of the staff were very friendly our waitress was lovely and despite calling her a couple of times she didn’t make us feel like we were intruding. She also made sure that we enjoyed ourselves.

Thank you Jenkos for amazing customer service and outstanding food and drinks.

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