It’s primary schools admissions day! This year is Freddies turn

As a mum to 5 children you would think by now after having 3 out of the 5 already gone through this I would be used to the whole thing of my children growing up, going to school and those little milestones. The truth is regardless of whether it is your first child or in my case the 4th one on school admissions day you have exactly the same feelings.

Despite having to be up ridiculously early this morning I was still awake at 1:30 refreshing my emails awaiting that important email telling me whether or not Freddie had gotten the school that I wanted him to go to.  During the time of waiting I can assure you I felt every single bit of emotion that I felt when Harry , Ellie and Annabelle all got the very same email.

I can’t believe it’s that time already, my little man is going to big school in September. It genuinely only feels like yesterday he entered my life.  Yet here he is with his big boy big school email and he is so excited.

When he woke up this morning I delivered the news , he got the same school as Annabelle 🙂 This was our first choice and despite some teething problems with bullying when Annabelle first went there. Their Ofsted reports and everything else about the school ever since have been incredible so we really wanted him to go.

Nervous Mummy

I am slightly more nervous about Freddie going up to big school than I was about the other children and that is because Freddie hates any form of change. Be it going to bed slightly later than normal or even something as simple as someone not doing something the way he is used to it being , it really does upset him. I have my suspicions that there may be more behind this however at Freddies age it is difficult to get it looked at.

I do worry about how he will cope around a lot more people. The nursery he is in now is quite small and he is kept in a small class. Freddie doesn’t deal very well with crowds of people and noise ( he often covers his ears if it gets too much ) so I am concerned how this will affect him.

Having said that worrying about all of these things right now won’t actually help anything as it is a long time between now and September.  So instead I will simply enjoy these last few months of having him home in an afternoon and him just being a baby still because I know in a blink of an eye he will be all grown up like his brother and sisters .

I hope that everybody else got the schools they were hoping for


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