It doesn’t matter how many kids you have

It’s official , whether you have 1, 2, 3,4,5 or 555 children it does NOT get easier, yes you learn as you go along and you pick up things and ways of dealing with certain things but every single day is a new learning curve. Take me for example I have 5 children their ages range from 12 to a baby you would think by now I would have it nailed right? WRONG!

I am currently dealing with a toddler with an extreme case of terrible 2’s and despite my best efforts and all my best methods I still have the sense of I can’t do it sometimes.

Harry was the perfect toddler, he never cried, never got into trouble, was so eager to learn anything that you put in front of him, he was super clever and could count, write his name, imitate any animal, add up, you name it he could do it. In fact he was so clever the health visitor suggested putting him into school VERY early, but he was my baby and there was no way I was letting him go until I absolutely had to so with him I didn’t really experience terrible twos he sort of skipped it. Even now he is incredibly well-behaved and I don’t have any problems what so ever with him.

Ellie-Jayne now she was a force to be reckoned with, she was what can only be described as a toddler on another level, that girl knew how to push every single button going she would kick,scream,bite,punch and headbang, my word she had that down to a tee, in fact she used to head bang so bad that medical professions actually suggested fitting her with a helmet to stop her causing herself any serious damage, she didn’t care what the surface was it could be carpet, tiles, CONCRETE she didnt care however mothers instinct kicked in and I realised something was wrong, I thought that she couldn’t hear and nobody would listen to me, eventually I got a new doctor who was incredible and actually listened to me and checked her hearing and I was right! the poor girl had so much wax in her ears she could hear a thing! so all that bad behaviour was simply because she couldnt hear, they syringed her ears and it was magical I walked in the doctors with what can only be described as a mini devil and walked out with an angel! From that day on she was never naughty again and even now she is so quiet and well-behaved you would never believe how she was.

Annabelle seemed to breeze through the toddler phase, she was bright and clever and because she was very much the baby of the family she had everyone’s undivided attention which in turn meant she didn’t need any meltdowns, there was a 5 year gap between her and Ellie so she didnt just have my full attention but she also had her older brother and sister who would pamper to every single need that she had, today she is very strong and independent

Now we get to Freddie… he is the 2 year old whirlwind I mentioned at the start of this blog, Freddie is something else, now I should explain whilst Freddie is my 4th baby he is Gareths 1st which obviously means that he is spoilt, he isn’t just spoilt he is VERY spoilt. He can twist his daddy right round his little finger. At the moment he is going through some not very nice phases and despite all my previous knowledge, all the tricks I’ve learned along the way and even dealing with Ellie and her ways I can’t figure out the best way to deal with his behaviour. If you ask him to move away from something dangerous he will shout ‘you just kicked me’ , if you ask him to say sorry he will reply ‘ no you say sorry first’ we have a stair gate on the living room to stop him from getting into the kitchen, or up the stairs or out of the front door but the clever little monkey can open it! not only that but we tried tying it guess what? he figured if he pushes it really hard he can squeeze his little body through the gap ( he doesn’t care if he hurts himself doing it ) oh but it gets better! If he can’t squeeze himself through the gap he will drag a chair from by the table climb onto it and the climb OVER the stairgate. So I have admitted defeat and decided there is no point to the stairgate and instead I need to just suck it up and just follow him round making sure he is safe.

Another thing he is doing lately is screaming and I don’t mean a little gentle scream I mean a scream that makes it sound like he is seriously hurt, but what he has figured out is if he screams loud enough then daddy will go to him ( this includes at 2am!) so the other night daddy bought him downstairs at 2am as that was the time Freddie decided was acceptable to get up that day. I decided that its time mummy steps in so im now trying the ignore the bad behaviour and over excitedly praising the good behaviour and hoping (crossing everything) that this terrible 2’s phase passes and fast!

Don’t get me wrong he can also be the most loving , caring boy in the world, just this morning we sat together and had a lovely chat and a cup of tea 🙂

The point of this post was simply to tell you that you are not alone! I’ve got 5 kids and I still have moments where I feel like I don’t have a clue what I am doing and where I feel like a large field would be a great place to sit and scream for a while 😉



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