Is technology ruining our children?

I am sat in my kitchen working on a few blog things and the children are in the living room playing on their laptops and tablets. I can hear them fighting and arguing over who is doing what on the game and it has got me thinking is technology ruining our children? 

When I was younger I was never inside. From the moment I had finished my breakfast until lunchtime I was outside playing. Whether it was throwing a football against kerbs playing a game called kerby. Jumping around on a pogo stick. Playing hide and seek. Climbing trees. I was always outside and active.

I can’t actually remember a time when I said the words “I’m bored” yet 5 minutes without the internet or when their laptops or tablets have run out of charge and my kids are uttering those words.

I have lost count of the amount of times so far this half-term that Annabelle has cried because her tablet has died and she has had “nothing to do” In fact I really struggle when it comes to birthdays and things like that because despite being just 8 years old she doesn’t play. If she isn’t playing on her tablet she is watching YouTube videos of somebody else playing the games.

TRying to encourage them to get outdoors

I am always trying to encourage the children to get dressed , get their coats and shoes on and go outside but half of the time it’s like I have asked them to chop of an arm or leg. I do sometimes wonder if I am to blame for allowing them to use their technology too often.

We always spend quality time as a family, we have family game nights , cook together, go on days out and quite often just sing and dance around the house but I wonder if technology is going to affect them as they get older when it comes to a social aspect of life.

Simple tasks like getting on a bus, making new friends. Putting themselves in new situations. If they don’t go out and explore and they aren’t in circumstances that mean they have no choice but to learn how to deal with things then as they get older how will they know how to cope?

I am debating setting a challenge where they have to have no technology for a certain amount of time and instead they have to use their imaginations to do things differently, call it an experiment as such to see how they cope and what they come up with.

I’m intrigued… Do other parents feel like technology is ruining our children?


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