An Interview With A Toddler – Freddie

I was tagged yesterday by the beautiful Laura from Dot Makes 4 in a post where you ask you toddler questions and then share their replies. I LOVE doing these mainly because I like to be as surprised as everyone else by what they come out with.

I pinned Freddie down for 2 minutes to ask his questions after we discovered he had gone LIVE on Facebook, turns out he’s quite the little Vlogger, head over to my Facebook page to have a watch.  Here we go!

What is the best thing about being a toddler?


What makes you laugh?

A monster did!

( Not quite the Mummy tickling me answer I was hoping for!)

What do you love and why?

I love playing with Fireman Sam because Santa gave it to me

( Again I was hoping for something along the lines of ‘mummy because she gives me cuddles and kisses’ )

What is your favourite book?

Peppa Pig

( I can’t be only parent in the world who can’t stand that bloomin pig! )

What’s your favourite food?

Chocolate breakfast

( I promise he means something like Coco Pops and not that I stuff him full of chocolate bars in a morning!)

What is your favourite song?

The bing bong song

( Again from Peppa Pig, interesting fact when he was smaller we had to ban him from Peppa pig for a while as he was becoming as cheeky and spiteful as she is! , He’s allowed to watch it again now he has stopped copying everyone)

What is your favourite programme?

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

( argghh me hearties )

What is your favourite toy?

Miles’s Dad

( Now at first glance I can see that this would be an alarming answer but let me reassure you Miles is a character from a TV show and his dad is a little toy figure! )

What is your favourite thing to do?


( Freddie has never been fishing in his life! But he does hear his Grandad talking about going)

I have really enjoyed asking Freddie these questions and finding out his answers, but what I loved more than asking him was the fact that he actually answered them. I’ve been a little concerned with Freddie and the fact he struggles to engage for longer than a few seconds so the fact that I have managed to get him to answer these is a massive achievement!

Thank you Freddie and thank you everyone for reading 🙂

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