An Interview with a preteen girl, how do they really feel?

We all know teenagers are moody, stroppy , collect a hundred cups in their bedrooms.  The get greasy, smelly and have amazing attitudes where they think they can take on the world.  I thought it would be nice to get a preteens view of life. Not only can it help us parents to understand this strange species with a mop of greasy hair, but would also give a preteen the chance to speak out.

So I decided to interview my daughter Ellie-Jayne she is turning 12 on 30th April and is very much in preteen stage. Just the other day she came down stairs without a cheery good morning, instead we were grunted at and she had a face like thunder. So here are the questions I asked and her answers. We hope you enjoy a little insight into the preteen world.

You’re fast approaching your teen years. How does it make you feel?

It makes me feel like I need to mature more and grow up a bit. I will have a lot bigger responsibilities. I also feel a little scared to grow up because I am scared to see what will happen and the responsibilities I gain. Being a kid I don’t have to worry about that. I’m also excited for the new adventures I have ahead of me like going to university.

Everyday your body is changing. What things have you noticed? What do you like/dislike about it?

I’ve noticed hair growth under my armpits and around my private areas. I’ve also noticed my breast growth, which seems to be happening very quickly. I’m a little more self-conscious than I used to be. I don’t like that I have hair growth but I do like the fact I can remove it. I am also getting a lot of spots at the moment which I don’t like but I am able to cover it up if I need to. 

Is your mum approachable? Is there anything you feel like you can’t talk to her about?

My mum is very approachable and I can go to her for anything. We are extremely close. There is nothing at all that I don’t feel that I could talk to her about. Sometimes it’s good just to talk about anything and everything with her and get things off my chest. 

What do you think/feel about love?

I think that at my age I shouldn’t have a boyfriend but I feel like everyone seems to have either a boyfriend or girlfriend around me. I think it looks bad if people see me constantly saying no when someone asks me out but I want a good career and a boyfriend can wait.

If you could change anything about going through such a big change what would it be?

I would change that I didn’t have to go through mood swings and how I react to things. Also I would change it so that us girls didn’t have to have periods. NO PERIODS!!! In an ideal world I would change it so that girls weren’t to scared to talk about the changes that happen and that they were more open about it. Everyone should feel like they are able to talk about and be able to manage the change we are going through.


So there you have it ladies and gents , A real-life look at how a preteen feels and looks at how they are changing.  Maybe they are just scared and need a little reassuring and a great big hug. Turns out they are never to old to need their parents 

Thank you Jel for being so open and honest for me



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