insomnia sucks!

it’s 4:21am and as yet I haven’t been to bed, since I’ve been poorly I’ve really been struggling to sleep, my cough seems to disturb the whole house so it’s easier for me to stay up and get a few hours in the morning luckily I am able to as Gareth gets up with the little ones but I’ve had enough now I would really like to sleep on a nighttime , in fact I would love to be one of those people who can just fall asleep at 10pm and that be them for the night.

If anyone has any tips on what they do to go to sleep I would love to hear them, this I’ve tried so far are

  • Having a relaxing  bath
  • Counting sheep
  • Turning off my phone 
  • Reading a book 
  • Watching a film
  • Sleeping tablets  (granted this was  long time ago now but a doctor gave me sleeping tablets and they have the opposite effect)

You see my problem is I have a very over active brain so I will think about something then that will lead onto something else and then that lead on and so on

an example would be …

what shall we have for tea tomorrow

lasagne would be nice I love lasagne.

I wonder what’s the most layers someone has put in a lasagne

lasagne is Italian my friend is Italian

oh she’s been really down lately I hope she’s OK

etc etc and before I know it an hour has passed.

My insomnia is not a new thing I’ve had it for sometime and it was 10 times worse when I was pregnant with Beth.

If I’ve had conversations during the day I will replay them, thinking about what I could have done/said differently.

Insomnia is also very lonely, there aren’t very many people around at 3am when you have noone to chat to

I’m hoping that once I’m back to feeling better and not coughing I may actually get to bed before midnight , that would be lovely!

How do you get to sleep? Do you have a routine?

any advice would be very welcomed

yours sincerely

an exhausted mummy!

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