My Incredible Teenager – Thank You Harry

As many of you know last Friday my mother passed away, despite the fact she has been poorly for quite a few years her passing was sudden and unexpected leaving us all in shock. We were concerned about the effect it would have on the children, Especially Harry as he was extremely close to his Nanny and will often tell everyone about the time he stayed with his Nan in Wales for 10 days.

The kids were all told on the night Mum passed and were obviously very upset. However I just want to share with you how incredibly proud I am of Harry.  He had his tears and then turned his attention to his little sisters, making sure that they had everything that they needed, if they wanted drinks or food. When my Dad and I came back from the hospital he checked if we needed anything before giving his Grandad his bed.

Most 13 year olds are so busy finding themselves that they don’t think about the people around them but this is a totally different story when it comes to Harry, he is kind, caring and this week we have learned just how incredibly strong he is. He’s given up his bed without question to Grandad and he was never asked to, he just offered and did it off his own back.

For the Last 2 days Harry has worked really hard on creating his Grandad a gift. When a man dies you can buy flowers but when it’s a lady it’s difficult to know what to get them. So Harry has spent hours the last 2 days working out everyone’s names ( and we have a massive family) and creating a big picture for his Grandad with everyone on. It’s such a thoughtful gift and one that I know my Dad loves.

Thank you Harry for being such an amazing , strong and caring person. For taking care of everyone during this tough week and for helping out whenever you can.

You really are an incredible young man and someone I am very proud to call my son. Don’t ever stop being you!


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