Why I’m proud of my tiger stripes

All over the internet I am constantly reading about how women want to find quick ways to hide their stretch marks. Or want a special oil to rub into their bumps whilst their pregnant to try to hide their stretch marks. I wonder why they can’t just be proud of their tiger stripes?


Too much pressure from people in the public eye


When you think of celebrities and people in the public eye giving birth you automatically picture them as  giving birth and then springing straight back with not even a mark of them. The reality is probably more like they have very good make up artists and photo editors because I refuse to believe that EVERY single one of them celebs didn’t even get a blemish when they were pregnant let alone a stretch mark. Being a celebrity doesn’t make you immune it simply makes it easier for you to cover your flaws. There is far too much pressure on us as mothers to be perfect and the world of media definitely doesn’t help.

I am one of the least body confident people you will meet but surprisingly the one thing that I am not ashamed of is my stretch marks. I don’t see them as an awful embarrassing thing. In fact I see them as quite the opposite. They are my medals of honour. These marks show that my body has endured something incredible.  

Yes my boobs are saggy, I have a saggy belly, Enough cellulite that I could probably make up for half of the population and I am ashamed of them. I’m ashamed of them as they are there as a sign that I have abused my body and not taken care of it. I have eaten fatty foods. Been lazy and just not tried hard enough. I could blame it on genetics my mum is a bigger lady, her dad was a big man , my uncle was large etc but the truth is I am big because of my lifestyle. But I can improve that if I just find the motivation!

My Medals of Honour

My tiger stripes however all tell a story. My first couple showed that I was finally a mother against all of the odds . The next few show that I had grown my very first princess. Following those are the stripes that show I battled my way through awful carpal tunnel syndrome. Above my belly button shows the markings that I carried a beautiful yet large baby, giving Gareth his own biological child and the more recent ones. My final additions mark the story of my final baby, the very last time I would ever carry a baby and learning what it was like to suffer from SPD.

You see each one of those stripes show that I grew an amazing beautiful baby inside of me. Collectively it grew 5!!! My incredible body had endured a lot to make sure that they were safe and comfy. It has changed cells into humans. Gone through pregnancy , labour and birth. So despite being extremely self-conscious and hating everything about how I look one thing I will never be ashamed of and will always be extremely proud of are my tiger stripes. You should be proud of yours too! 


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