I’m now officially a mum to a teenager!! How on earth did that happen?

Yesterday I opened my eyes ready to jump out of bed. However there was no jumping involved, I could barely move, my bones were creaking. My back was breaking. As I stood up my knee’s creaked. Then I wobbled my way to the bedroom door it dawned on me, it had happened. I had woken up the mum of a teenager and now I am old! I recently wrote A letter to my son as he approaches the big 13 have a read and see the more grown up side of my parenting.

I stumbled down the stairs where I went for a wee, looked into the mirror and noticed the new old lady lines around my eyes and a few grey hairs. Overnight I had gone from a fun,young and carefree mum of 5 children to an older mother of 4 children and 1 teenager! 


My Boy Is Growing Up


Now nobody tells you that when you give birth and sit there cradling your beautiful baby that you blink and all of a sudden they are growing up and becoming their own person.  This causes a small problem for me because mentally in my head I am still 15 years old, but how can I continue to be 15 when I have a son who is now 13! 13!!!!!! I’m too young for this shit.

What makes it worse is I remember clearly the kind of stuff I was doing and mischief I was getting into at that age. I was snogging boys. Going out places and generally doing teenage stuff that you never want to admit to your parents.

How am I supposed to do it?

How am I supposed to become a responsible adult of a 13 year old when I still find farts funny and chuckle my head off if someone draws a picture of a willy?

This is the time of life where he needs me for guidance, support, help focusing on the future. To help him to become a kind and gentle man who works hard and treats people with respect. Luckily for him I do have a serious side so he isn’t completely doomed!

When will the change happen?

I was fully expecting to wake up this morning to find his skin had gone greasy, his hair and reached his shoulders and hadn’t been washed in a week. To get no more than a grunt as he emerged scratching his bum whilst walking down the stairs.

This hasn’t happened yet, should I be alarmed that this will be how he returns from school today? With his new found teenage attitude? I really hope not because anyone who knows my amazing son will tell you he is one of the most loving, caring amazing young men in the world, He will do anything for anyone and really appreciates everything around him.

Now its down to me to make sure he stays this way, continues to use his manners and turns into the man I hope he will become without getting sidetracked by peers and influences.




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