Only a Mummy or Daddy will understand why im awake…

Right now is a Mummy moment that only other Mummies in fact no, not just Mummies but Daddies too can relate to. My beautiful baby girl is sleeping perfectly in her cot. My gorgeous toddler is sound asleep , Annabelle is comfy in her bed, Ellie is snoring lightly , Harry is fast asleep and Gareth is snoring his face off and me? I’m downstairs despite feeling poorly and being completely shattered and more than ready for bed.


Because last night we had a very poorly girl who started breathing weirdly in the night and ended up at hospital. She has a severe case of tonsillitis and due to her temperature rising so high she was shivering , her skin was blue. Her breathing was rapid and mothers instinct kicked in as I called the doctor explained her symptoms . Told the doctor how I thought she had a bad throat as she was gagging on everything that touched her lips and she had been very sick.

The doctor immediately agreed to see her and she was taken down to the hospital where her temperature was a massive 38.9 despite being given medicine. I can’t help but wonder if I had put her to bed would I be telling the same story as she wouldn’t have been given any medicine to reduce her temperature and we may not have heard her breathing go strange.

Mothers instinct is a powerful thing

Mothers instinct told me not to put her to bed last night and it proved to be right. She has been a great deal better today. In fact she has even had a little play and a few smiles. She’s also had quite a lot of medication to help her temperature, reduce the swelling amd fight the infection. And has settled really well in her usual bed.

She doesn’t appear to have any signs of a temperature and is very rested. But here I am sat on the sofa writing this because despite knowing she has been checked over by a doctor, despite the fact she has seemed a little brighter today , despite being aware she has just had a bad reaction to a throat infection and now has the right medication and her temperature is fine.

I am worried that I won’t hear her if it happens again and I am asleep…..


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