Why I will ALWAYS choose UK holidays over going abroad!

We all have our favourite kind of holidays, whether you prefer lying by a pool in the sun or walking along a beach. Heading to kids clubs or camping in the middle of nowhere there really is holidays out there for everyone. I will always choose the UK.

I’m scared!!!!

One of the main reasons that I will always holiday in the UK is because I am absolutely petrified of getting on a plane! I don’t even know what it is that I am scared of. I don’t have a fear of heights or claustrophobia so I really don’t know what it is. Once I spoke to someone who specialises in fears and they had quite a good theory that maybe it’s a fear of not being in control. Because I am not scared of helicopters or any other form of transport and I am literally just scared of planes. The theory is that in a bus, car, train and even a helicopter you have the person in charge of it in full view. The option is there if you want them to stop, you are able to ask. In a plane however you can’t see the pilot, there is no way of asking them to just stop in the middle of nowhere and for you to just get off it. So the person I spoke to thinks rather than it being the actual plane that I am scared of it is more the fact that I have no control over what happens as I am in it.

The heat!

I am not a fan of the sun, yes I know I’m weird who doesn’t like sun eh? But I don’t like to be too hot. If you’re hot there are only so many layers you can take off before it becomes uncomfortable in more ways than one, trust me nobody wants to see me naked! And even if I did strip down to nothing there isn’t an option to take anything else off so you still just sit there and boil. Alongside the actual heat itself people stink! , I don’t know what it is about the sun that makes people stop using soap but it really is disgusting. I walked into a shop when it was hot here last week and the overwhelming smell of body odour was vile. There really is no need. As well as being too hot & people forgetting what soap is for people tend to be really grumpy in the heat. I find everybody is really snappy because they are so hot and bothered.  At least when you are cold you can wrap up warmer and add layers , turn on a fire or the heating. You can’t turn off the sun.

Everything I need is right here in the uk

This is another big reason I prefer to holiday in the UK. I was bought up going to holiday parks, taking part in party dances, joining in kids clubs and going on fairground rides. Even if the weather was terrible outside there was always something to do and that is the kind of amazing memories I want my children to have. I want them to wake up and go to kids clubs with their favourite entertainers, eat weird dinner combinations in the caravan or chalet before heading off for more fun. Go to the evening entertainment where they learn dances and generally have great fun. Swim in the pools. I am a holiday park girl through and through after growing up going to them and then becoming an entertainer in one myself. I love them and I rarely go in the summer too! We love to go at the beginning or the end of the year where the weather isn’t too hot. 

The only problem is that now there are 7 of us it is becoming more and more difficult to find affordable places to go. I looked at taking all of my kids to Butlins  for a weekend but the price for all of us was way beyond our budget at over £700 just for Fri-Mon , We also find that a lot of places can’t accommodate for all of us meaning that if we wanted to stay in a hotel for example at the Premier Inn then we would have to book 2 rooms meaning double the cost.  I understand we had this many children and we chose to have a large family but with places designed for families you would think there would be more affordable options available. Due to the cost we don’t get to go every year or even sometimes every 2 years but when we can afford to go we always have a fantastic time. 

We love places such as Haven, Butlins , Premier Inn and Travelodge and I would choose any of them over going abroad I know what to expect and I know that my children will enjoy it as much as we will. 

When it comes to a break just for me and Gareth without the kids ( which has NEVER happened yet) we would love to stay in a lodge somewhere, peaceful, a nice log fire, cosy and beautiful ( we can dream right? )

Thanks for reading


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9 thoughts on “Why I will ALWAYS choose UK holidays over going abroad!

  1. Nice read. I only have two sons (so far) and already struggle with holidays. You make a very good point about resorts etc targeting families not actually being affordable for said families 🙁
    Staying in the UK is certainly an option as I’ve found out in the last year or so and have written about on my blog shivvywrites.wordpress.com x

    1. Thank you for reading, It really is quite expensive to go anywhere now. I find smaller families also have a similar issue where they HAVE to pay for 4 people even if there are only 3 of them. I much prefer the UK for ease of getting there and knowing what to expect. Thank you again I will have a read of your blog 🙂 x

  2. If I get the chance to go away for a family break it’ll be something like a nice campsite I adore Trevella in Newquey. I’d like to go get a little holiday home somewhere for a week that would be nice but a week isn’t really possible when you have kids is it! I won’t go abroad much prefer to stay in the U.K. There’s loads I haven’t seen

    1. I think week is quite long for a holiday with kids we usually do Friday to Monday but we’ve said next time we will try to go for a week just so we can actually just relax for a night or two in the caravan instead of constantly being on the go. I hope you manage to get your break x

    1. I see loads of people taking their kids abroad and I think they deserve a medal haha , I just about brave taking them away in this country x

  3. Helicopters are evil things, planes want to fly. I speak as a qualified pilot with experience of both. Just seeing the driver does not make it safer! But that aside holidays with small kids don’t have to be stressful or too expensive. We found a little caravan place near Tenby and went back year after year. We moved up the vans each time as we could afford a bit more but basically the kids were happy with a beach to explore and some precious time with mom and dad.

    1. I would love to be able to get our own caravan and be able to return time and time again. I love taking mine away and we find things to do whilst we are there like walks and the beach. I couldn’t agree more its the quality time more than the money spent but it is still very expensive even on the smaller parks during the school holidays, thank you for commenting

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