I have fallen in love …… With a house!

When you think of people falling in love with a house, you think of these posh new builds don’t you. All beautiful shiny new outsides , clean insides nice little cul-de-sacs . Big drives ways and no-one ever living there before. The other day I was driving back from taking Gareth to get something from a local shop and from out of the corner of my eye I spotted something beautiful!

I have driven along this street hundreds of times and never once have I noticed the houses that I go past. I will be honest I think the only reason I have noticed this time is because there was a massive for sale sign outside!

I’m a bit of an old romantic. I love Christmas stories and books. I love the whole part where they are in old houses with tons of history and it has usually been past down through family or they have inherited it in some way. They describe them in the books as huge old buildings with lots of windows. Patterned floors and lots of character.

This house that I saw for sale is EXACTLY that, without even setting foot inside it. Without ever seeing more than a glimpse as I was driving past I knew that I loved it and wanted to buy it. This house is exactly the kind of house I could live in forever and happily ever after without a shadow of a doubt.

I had me a little google

and oh my god! It really is everything I’ve dreamed of, everything I’ve wished for … check this out!!!!

Now I am aware many of you will be thinking what on Earth is that but what I see is a world of potential, a beautiful home that my children can make a thousand memories in, a courtyard they can play in and then their children can play in. Rooms where there will be dolls houses, singing and laughing.
A kitchen where I will teach them to cook and we will laugh ,make cakes and cookies.

Sadly I am also very poor and will never be able to afford anything even remotely like this unless some genie pops out from a lamp and offers me a couple of wishes or some kind stranger appears from nowhere

But a mummy can dream ………


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One thought on “I have fallen in love …… With a house!

  1. I know that feeling! We’ve rented a property for the vacation and oh my my family knows how I did not want leave! But it’s not for sale, and if it is, I do not have enough finances to buy it. But as you said, we can all dream 🙂 Thanks for sharing this 🙂 Cheers to you!

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