Hump Day Linky – 10/5/17

Today I am joining in with my very first Hump Day Linky which has been created by the lovely Real Mum Reviews. I decided to join in with this as it’s a positive spin on the fact Wednesday is known as Hump Day and it gives us a chance to reflect on some awesome posts over the last week.  Its been a tough week this week with Bethie being very poorly so today we are celebrating the fact that she seems so much better today and we actually got some sleep last night!

My 2 favourite posts from this week : 

The first post I would like to share with you is a subject very close to my heart , This week I launched a campaign #Bullieswontwin against bullying after a series of bully related incidents in our own family and I asked other bloggers to share their stories with me as guest posts We heard Renees story on monday  . I think the idea of other people posting and sharing their stories is great as it shows people they aren’t alone in this and that you can with help get better. If you would like to be part of the campaign and share your story then contact us

The second post I want to share wasn’t written by me is was by Lycra Widow and she really opened her heart to us in her post To the GP that thought she was doing the right thing . I have never personally been in that situation but I completely felt for her going through this. I have complete admiration for her for sharing something so personal with us. Thank you for being so open and honest with us. I have no doubt your post with help other people.

Thank you for sharing

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2 thoughts on “Hump Day Linky – 10/5/17

  1. Oh! Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been debating for months whether I should share the post, as although I wrote about it on the day it happened, I wasn’t sure how correct it would be to share the letter. Thankfully it has been well received with lots of support and positive encouragement from other parents, some who have been through similar.

    Happy to Read that Bethie is on the mend. Xx

    1. I tend to find its the ones you’re not sure of sharing that are received the best, You are very welcome x

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