How To Manage A Long Plane Journey Whilst Pregnant: 5 Tips

A long plane journey is never something you look forward to, especially if you’re pregnant.

But they don’t have to be bad. Some simple considerations can make all the difference and ensure your trip is as comfortable as possible. Follow our five tips and you’ll be well on your way to managing a long plane journey whilst pregnant.

1. Book an aisle seat

Don’t leave your seat selection till the last minute — reserve one as soon as you’re able to. An aisle seat means you’ll be able to stretch, move around and go to the toilet whenever you need to, without getting in anyone’s way or needing to climb past your fellow passengers.

2. Wear layers

Will it be stuffy in the cabin? Or will they have the air con on high? You never know until you get there, so prepare accordingly and wear layers. You’ll be able to adjust as you need to, staying cool and comfortable throughout the flight.

3. Put on flight socks

Deep vein thrombosis (i.e. blood clots in deep veins) is a risk for everyone on long flights, with pregnant women slightly more likely to be affected.

Fortunately, it’s easy to reduce the swelling associated with DVT by wearing flight socks, which are also good at dealing with varicose veins. Put them on before you board the plane and keep them on for as long as you’re comfortable, remembering to take them off when you go to bed in your destination.

4. Stand up and stretch at regular intervals

It’s important to keep the blood flowing (another way to reduce the risk of DVT). Stand up every half an hour or so to stretch your out your body and take a gentle walk. You can also do feet and leg exercises while sitting down.

5. Drink plenty of water

The air in the cabin is extremely dry, with humidity of 10-20%. (In comparison, most people are used to humidity of 30-60%, which is a big difference.) One way to combat this is by drinking water throughout the flight.

The recommended amount of water a pregnant woman should drink is different depending on what stage of pregnancy you’re in. Those in the first and second trimesters need the equivalent of eight 200ml glasses per day, while those in the third trimester should aim for more. You will also need more if you’re be travelling to a hot country.

The flight is never the exciting part of a trip, but follow these tips and it won’t be a nuisance, either. Happy holidays!


** This is a collaborative post


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