Bake a cake with a 2 year old – heres how ;)

Its simple to bake with a little un ๐Ÿ˜‰

we all know how hard it is to occupy a busy, intrigued, easily bored ย 2 year old right? So I thought I know we will bake cakes … here’s step by step how we did it ๐Ÿ˜‰

1. chase toddler round the house trying to get him to come into the kitchen for quality time with mummy.

2. Place chair next to side ready for him to stand on , turn round and find he’s disappeared , return to step 1

3. Place toddler on chair and tell him not to touch anything whilst you get the stuff you need.

4. tell toddler to stop trying to eat flour it really isn’t sugar.

5. ask toddler to HELP you to weigh the ingredients, toddler presses down on scales and rubs flour everywhere making it nigh on impossible to weigh anything.

6. put all of the weighed ingredients into bowls ready to mix , turn round to grab something and find toddler tipping one bowl into the other.

7. guide toddler to the bowl and closely watch incase of any nose picking.

8. shout wait! not yet! hold on a second whilst toddler thinks it’s a great idea to put the eggs in straight away.

9. catch falling egg before it falls on the floor and hand toddler a big spoon to stir the mixture.

10. tell toddler he must use the spoon and not his fingers to mix the ingredients and that farting when cooking isn’t very polite.

11.wipe butter from the cupboards that are so high you can’t even figure out how toddler has even got it there.

12. attempt to get toddler to spoon mixture into cases whilst mixture casually flings everywhere apart from where it needs to go.

13. convince toddler that there is enough mixture in each case, turn round to get oven ready and then turn back to find more mixture in each case, on the baking tray, up the cupboards, over the sides, in his hair , on the floor.

14. place cakes in oven and instruct toddler not to touch it as it is hot, toddler doesn’t believe you so touches the door to check then tells you it’s hot.

15. hand toddler the dish, spoon, whisk and everything else to link so they are occupied whilst you try to clean up and stop toddler burning himself.

16. take cakes out of the oven, ย stand back in amazement as they are the best cupcakes anyone in the house have ever made despite them being made by a toddler who looks like he created a hurricane in the kitchen.




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