Self-Harm the new trend in Secondary School

We’ve all been to secondary school and we are all aware of the stupid trends that go round. The latest craze. Well in my children’s school that trend is something not so great.  You see the latest craze is to hurt yourself! To self-harm. ( we have reported it to the school) The kids have reported to me that several of their friends have been cutting themselves. I have even seen snap chat pictures where some of the children have used pen or make up to make it look like they have cut themselves. This is causing me quite a lot of upset. Continue reading “Self-Harm the new trend in Secondary School”

Do you know the signs for sepsis?

Have you noticed all of the posters and things around at the moment about Sepsis? I’m guessing you have because they have been literally everywhere lately. I have seen them, now did you actually read them and take note about what they said and what to look out for? No, me either. Well this post is to say PLEASE take note and if you feel like something isn’t right then it probably isn’t. Continue reading “Do you know the signs for sepsis?”

Mum Flu & Baby Flu at the same time!

Today has been a bit of a surreal day. As I went to bed last night I noticed I was getting Mum Flu , nose dribbling , sore throat and a million soldiers banging in my head. I realised I was getting poorly. Gareth knew I was feeling a little under the weather as I had been suffering with a bad head all week and we just assumed it was part of my medical conditions until the waterfall of the nose began. So he left me in bed for a lie-in and it’s probably a good job he did. Continue reading “Mum Flu & Baby Flu at the same time!”

Benign Intracranial Hypertension – My Story

I was diagnosed with Benign Intracranial Hypertension when I was just 19 years old and at the time I didn’t have a clue. I remember going to the doctors because I’d had a headache for 4 days and just couldn’t shift it. The doctor checked the back of my eyes and said ‘ are you able to get to the hospital right away or would you like me to call an ambulance, I think you have fluid on your brain’ Continue reading “Benign Intracranial Hypertension – My Story”

2 days post procedure my sterlisation experience

I am currently 2 days past having the procedure called Essure sterilisation. I thought I would share the last couple of days with you so that if you’re going for this or thinking of it you will have a realistic view of how it is. You can read all about the actual procedure in my previous blog My Essure procedure. Continue reading “2 days post procedure my sterlisation experience”

My Essure sterilisation procedure

Today I went into hospital to have my ‘Essure’ sterilisation procedure. I thought that I would write and tell you all about it and what to expect if you’re having it done, I mainly decided to write this after looking myself for stories that weren’t horrifying before going in and I will be honest I really didn’t find any! Please note some of the information in this is taken from the Essure website whilst the rest remains details of my experience. ( Don’t worry it isn’t gross)  You can read how I made the decision to get this done HERE . Continue reading “My Essure sterilisation procedure”

Post pregnancy hair loss and the internal affect it has

I thought I would write about something that is really affecting my life at the moment, losing my hair and the reason I chose to speak about it is because I know there are a lot of ladies who go through this and how damaging it can be to your self esteem. Continue reading “Post pregnancy hair loss and the internal affect it has”

quitting smoking – this could be interesting

So the other day without anyone knowing I contacted the quit smoking clinic and booked myself an appointment, I have several reasons for wanting to quit but the main one being that recently I’ve been so run down and full of the flu and chest infections that I figured something has to give. Continue reading “quitting smoking – this could be interesting”

Just because you stay at home it doesn’t mean you are lazy, not every illness is visible!

So I’m guessing you’ve all seen pics of me pulling funny faces, out with friends on nights out, having a laugh, those who know me personally know that I love getting in fancy dress and going on nights out and I’m even off on a girls weekend away in a March with friends WOOHOOO! You might have even seen me dancing, messing around , Continue reading “Just because you stay at home it doesn’t mean you are lazy, not every illness is visible!”