Happy Birthday Harry 14 today!

I want to take the time to write something especially for my incredible son Harry who turns 14 today. I’m not sure his date of birth is right seen as mentally I’m still a teen myself but hey if he has to grow up then he has to grow up.

Let me tell you a little bit about Harry for those of you that don’t know him personally because I am an incredibly proud mummy and think it’s only right that on his birthday I share with you what is actually amazing about my son.

All mums think their children are the bees knees and I am no different. When it comes to Harry I am so incredibly proud of him, his strength and his passion.

Not a typical teenager

Harry is not like most teenage boys his age. He is incredibly ambitious and spend the most of his time studying and working hard so that he can finish school with amazing grades to become a scientist. Unlike Ellie this isn’t something that comes naturally to Harry so in the run up to any exams / tests you will find Harry at his desk surrounded in paper working his backside off to try to do the best he possibly can.

Every night he comes home and does his homework straight away, he must absolutely drive his teachers bonkers because if something isn’t right or if he doesn’t understand anything then he will email his teachers for advice rather than just guessing or leaving it.

Proud mummy

In the last 12 months Harry has been on a massive journey that has seen him have no choice but to show courage and strength that not even I was aware that he had.

First he went through months of horrific bullying at school to the point that somebody actually punched him. He then constantly received threats , even after he had changed schools the threats continued and people would try to send messages to our house about how he was going to “get his head kicked in”

After trying everything we could to work with the school we decided it was in Harry’s best interests if we moved his school and got him out of the situation. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made which was proven on Saturday night when we had a party and he was sat there surrounded by his friends.

Not only did he go through that but he also lost his Nan. When he was growing up he was extremely close to his Nan, she adored him and he adored her so losing her was a massive shock and upset. Instead of dealing with his own grief Harry gave up his bed so that his grandad could stay with us and immediately went to comfort his sisters.

Strength comes in many forms

People assume that Harry is a weak person, he has taken a lot of stick for the way that he is and the fact that he is so small. However the last year has shown me exactly how strong my son is. Many people would have crumbled under the pressure that Harry has gone through this last 12 months but even I have been surprised at just how strong he is.

I was worried for a while that people may push him too far and it made me so scared for him but I needn’t have worried because the whole time he was completely in control.

Happy birthday Harry

I am so proud to call you my son and I have absolutely no doubt what so ever that you will become everything you wish to come and more.

Don’t change for a single second, you are perfect just the way you are.  You are growing into an incredible young man and when you’re older you will make a fantastic husband and father.

Keep doing what you are doing, because what you are doing is brilliant!

Love you lots



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