Gumigem teething gem – my review

As some of you may know lately I have taken to entering competitions and one of the competitions I have recently entered was for a teething bracelet by a company called Gumigem, I was really hoping to win this due to little miss Bethie being almost 5 months old and a complete and utter dribble monster!! To my surprise I actually won!!! you can read about her teething troubles HERE 


So I sat eagerly and awaited my delivery amazingly it came just 2 days later! Now I wont lie I didn’t really know anything about the company or about the prize that I won I honestly thought I had just won a normal teething ring, I took it out of the packaging and loved it straight away, it was made of a lovely squishy silicone, I gave it a wash and handed it to Beth, she took to it straight away and obviously it went straight into her mouth, I took a picture of her with her new toy 🙂 she LOVED it, then I decided to actually look through their website Gumigem to see what else they made and that when I discovered exactly what it was that I had won and WOW what a genius idea!

What a genius idea!

You see what I had won wasn’t just a teething ring, it was a bracelet for me to wear too! I could wear it on my wrist and Beth could play with it and chew it whilst she was sat on my lap, now I can’t be the only mummy out there who knows the joy of sitting with a baby on their lap whilst their baby lovingly chews their way through your hand and dribbling everywhere and using you as a teether right? well this means that they can chew your bracelet! Not only does it save your hands but it also saves your own jewellery too! How good is that??


We are BIG fans

Beth genuinely loves it and has it on her whenever she is awake and if she drops it my word do we know about it!, since she’s had it we’ve barely had to reach for the bonjela at all,  whilst I was looking through the website I found they do more than just this amazing bracelet that we were sent, they do all sorts!  There’s necklaces for you to wear around your neck and them to play with and chew on ( I definitely think I will be treating myself to one of these once we’ve moved house next week) , Bath toys, A little handbag with a toy mobile phone and keys in, they have tools,  a purse, they even have their own little credit card how awesome is that!!!! Honestly the list is endless and all of their items are dishwasher safe and non toxic, I would highly recommend them to anyone with a teething baby, Myself and Bethie are definitely BIG fans 🙂

I’ve added the link further up but just incase you missed it, you can find them here



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