Guilty Pleasures – The Ultimate Dessert Delivery Company Telford – Review

I noticed a competition on Facebook for a new delivery company called Guilty Pleasures, they were giving away some goodies. Let’s face it, despite me being constantly on a diet just like everyone else in the world I just love a good pud! .. so with that I entered and waited for the results.  I was super-duper mega excited when I discovered I had won! 

I inboxed the company excitedly claiming my prize and the lady called me to confirm. We agreed on a day and a time and she went through some questions such as any allergies etc. I actually loved this as I have a coconut allergy ( yes strange I know) so quite often things will arrive and then I either get a lovely rash or I spot it and can’t enjoy things. After speaking to the lovely lady who created the business Ashley, I discovered that this was one of the reasons they decided to begin a dessert business. She had a house full of people with allergies and was struggling to find desserts that were tasty yet catered for people suffering with allergies or intollerances.  After ironing out all of the details we excitedly waited for our delivery day which was TODAY!


We received a telephone call from a lady called Nikki who said she was on her way with our goodies and double checking directions as our house can be tricky to find. We were super excited as although we knew that we were getting a delivery between 4-5pm we didn’t actually know what we were getting.  As Nikki pulled up she excitedly got out of the car and showed us all of our goodies explaining what each one was. I thought this was a very lovely and personal touch. Unlike other delivery drivers who kind of throw you your food, take your money and leave, Nikki made sure we knew what we were getting and took time to explain to us if there were any problems then feel free to contact them so they can make adjustments. They are a very new company so are really taking in all of their customers feedback.

Our Goodies

We received:

  • cheesecake ( we don’t know what the actual real name was for it but it had a halloweeny theme) and strawberry ice-cream.
  • Doughnuts with sprinkles and dipping sauces
  • A strawberry freakshake
  • 2 packets of sweets.

As you all know there are a lot of us so after taking some pictures I divided it between us. With some for my dad ( kids grandad) to try too. despite it being cheesecake and doughnuts possibly estimated for 2/3 people I successfully managed to get everyone a decent amount on their plates.


Freddie : It tastes good!

Harry : The doughnut & Chocolate were perfect. The drink was rich with flavour

Jel : The doughnut on top was very fresh & The chocolate was amazing. The shake had a great texture and was similar to the texture of a smoothie.

Annabelle : The doughnut & chocolate were amazing. The milkshake had lumps of ice-cream in it.

Me : I love the way it was presented and I thought coating the lid with chocolate and sprinkles was a lovely touch. It was a thick and delicious milkshake. Reminds me of the good thick milkshakes I used to get when I was younger.


Freddie : It’s nice.

Harry : It was really nice, the base was hard and tasty. I generally don’t like cheesecake but I really enjoyed this one.

Jel : This was the best cheesecake I have ever had. Usually cheesecakes have too much topping and not enough base but this had equal amounts of both. The top was fluffy and light

Annabelle : The base was awesome! It’s the best cheesecake I’ve ever had but the cream on top was very sweet.

Grandad : The majority of cheesecakes have soft bases but this one was lovely and firm and wasn’t soggy in the slightest. The top was very refreshing.

Gareth : ” It’s all about the base” (yes he really did sing it!) Best cheese cake I’ve ever had.

Bethie : Hmmmm cheese!

Me : I loved the fact it had a thick base. I agree with everyone else usually cheesecakes have barely any base and loads of topping but this was equal measures of both. Very creamy and moreish!


Freddie : It tastes really nice

Harry : The doughnut was fluffy and not too doughy. It also wasn’t too sweet so was nice.

Jel : I really like it, it’s very airy and fresh but I would have preferred it to have more icing on top and less sprinkles.

Annabelle : I agree with Ellie, The doughnut itself was very soft. I really enjoyed it.

Grandad : The doughnut was a lot lighter and fluffier than most doughnuts. It wasn’t too sweet either.

Gareth : It was nice and fresh. I like doughnuts (sometimes I wonder if I’m talking to an adult or one of the babies!)

Bethie : Nice

Me : The doughnut was lovely and light and not too heavy. I actually disagree with Ellie and Annabelle and think there was the right amount of icing and sprinkles so it wasn’t too sweet.

Overall thoughts and marks out of 10

Harry : Some flavours didn’t go well together ( I didn’t enjoy the green part of the cheesecake) but other than that everything was great and I would give it an 8/10

Jel : I thought everything was tasty and just right. I give it 9/10

Annabelle : Everything had something incredibly tasty about it. I give it 9/10

Grandad : I’d recommend them to my friends and family. I give it 9/10

Gareth : Everything was very fresh. In fact I’m going to give them 10/10

Bethie : Ermm good, Ermm Nice , Errm yes ( bare in mind shes 1)

Freddie : It tastes nice ( I’m spotting a theme here) I give it 10, 11 , 12 , 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 / 10

Me : Everything from the beginning to end was fantastic. I love the fact that they confirmed any allergies and that they have a selection available for those with allergies. The customer service was very professional and friendly and they made it feel like you were chatting to an old friend rather than just ordering food. It was a lovely touch that they added a couple of bags of sweets for the children. I really wanted to try the nachos so will have to order some in the future!

We really enjoyed our Guilty Pleasures experience and wish them well in the future, we’ve no doubt they’re just going to go from strength to strength.

  • We won our desserts in a competition and were asked to leave a review on their Facebook page if we enjoyed it and to inbox them if we had any issues. We were so impressed that we decided to review it on the blog.


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