Give them a kiss , a hug and tell them how much you love them from the bottom of your heart

In light of last nights awful events in Manchester I wanted to write a thoughtful and honest post. Something from my heart. It didn’t seem right today to write the post that I was planning. Equally I just couldn’t find the right words to say what I was thinking.
I am beyond shocked and saddened by the fact that innocent children were the target of an attack. What terrifies me most is that if I was to take my eldest daughter to any concert it would more than likely be Ariana Grande because like most teeny boppers Ellie loves her. It could have quite easily have been us sat there in that venue last night.

I have seen all of the pleas from anguished parents begging for information about their children. If anyone has seen them or knows anything. Desperately searching for even a glimmer of hope.

My heart is completely with every single parent involved in last night. Those who managed to get out and to safety. Those who were injured. The people who sadly died and the children who are still missing. I can’t imagine as a parent what that can possibly feel like. To watch or to even experience being there. Let alone sit waiting to hear about your own child. If anyone hears ANYTHING about any of those missing please inform the police, there are hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts looking for information.

I have nothing but complete admiration for those who went out of their way last night to help. It certainly restores a little bit of faith in human nature. From the police, doctors,paramedics, security and staff at the arena, hotel  and shop owners, random strangers offering beds and warm drinks, taxi drivers to the homeless man who selflessly helped. As a community Manchester really has shown how it should be done and how to support each other in a time of such desperate need.
Here is the emergency number should anyone need it.

So my post tonight is very simply to say before you go to bed tonight, go into your childrens bedrooms, tuck them in, give them a kiss and just smile knowing they are safely in their beds. Sadly tonight many other people don’t have the luxury that we do and their lives have completely changed forever.

Never ever waste an opportunity to tell someone they are special and just how much they mean to you. If the last week has taught me anything at all it is to appreciate those who are around you and who care for you.

Tomorrow when you wake up do a good deed, whether its helping someone across the road, offering a hand to a parent struggling with a demanding toddler or baby. Making somebody a cup of tea or just offering a friendly ear. Make it your mission to make someone smile. There is still kindness out there so why not help to spread some yourself?


From my home to your, and from my heart

Take care of each other

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