Why I Don’t Agree With The Whole Gender Neutral Thing.

Now before you shoot me or create a hate campaign, just hear me out, I have my reasons for not agreeing with the new gender neutral thing. As I’m sure you have seen being gender neutral is everywhere at the moment with John Lewis having a gender neutral label and schools changing their uniforms.

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook when I spotted an article on a school that had decided to make its entire uniform policy gender neutral. The way they did this was to ban skirts. I personally don’t agree with this and I am willing to tell you why.

I have in my life time and in my work not only known and worked with but also spent a lot of time with people who are or have been struggling with their gender. I once lived with a female who desperately wanted to be a male and I know a couple of males who are incredibly desperate to be a girl or not defined as a sex in any way and want to remain gender neutral.

By banning skirts in schools surely this is still creating an issue as there are males out there whom wish to wear female clothing. Why not instead of banning skirts and claiming that one size fits all when it comes to trousers , change it so that anyone can wear what they want regardless of their gender, sexual preferences or age? If your child wants to go to school in a skirt or a dress male or female then let them, equally if your girl wishes to wear a boys shirt then why not?

In the grand scheme of things they are just being who they wish to be and dressing how they want to. How would it make you feel if you couldn’t wear what you wanted to wear?

The gender neutral side that I don’t agree with

Is allowing a baby to grow up and be whatever sex they choose to be. Now don’t get me wrong when Freddie was younger his favourite toy was a doll and I searched high and low to find a pushchair for his baby that wasn’t all pretty pink and sparkles but I also think that it is really important that you have a sense of identity.

You can not argue with biology if you are born with a vagina you are a female, if you are born with a penis then you are male. In some cases children generally aren’t sure as it isn’t as obvious as that and in those cases I fully support waiting to see. However I think it is wrong to say to a baby that you can decide who you want to be without them even fully understanding the difference.

By all means if your son wants to wear a princess dress or your daughter wants to play football then let them but at least give them a chance to truly know who they are with facts.

I can’t imagine the turmoil that people must face every day when they have a gender problem and where they genuinely feel like they have been born into the wrong body. That is something real and something that needs highlighting and they need help to become the person they wish to be but don’t turn it into a ‘trend’

Personally I think by making a baby gender neutral you are increasing the issues and dilemmas those children have to face.



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One thought on “Why I Don’t Agree With The Whole Gender Neutral Thing.

  1. I completely and totally agree with the baby thing. I too see it as possibly causing issues where there needn’t be. Bring them up as they are born – boy or girl. Let them know who and what they are. If they don’t experience their natural born form and see others living in their natural born form, then how will they know if they do in fact identify with the opposite gender instead, without first experiencing what they are born as?
    Personally I don’t agree with a lot of the gender neutral stuff going on. Largely because there seems to be witch hunts for the parents who continue to raise their children as boyish boys, or girly girls. I mean, come on!! Live and let live. If you choose to raise gender neutral children then that’s up to you, but don’t witch hunt, insult, and judge that parents that continue to raise their children in ways that suits them.
    It makes me so f*cking mad honestly. I’ve seen women be insulted and effectively bullied on social media for talking about their girls as girls, or boys as boys. I’ve even seen someone been insulted for finding out the gender of their baby at a scan! FFS, do me a favour!
    Rant over! 😄

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