Fun, Free, Sunday family afternoon out in the Sun

We are trying to save money and get healthier too. So we have been looking at free ways to get out of the house. I noticed a friend put some photographs on Facebook last week of somewhere that looked lovely.

After asking her where the place was, she offered to take us and show us this weekend. I’m currently on a bit of a health fix ( I am desperate to look healthier for our upcoming wedding), so this seemed like the perfect solution. A day / afternoon out with the kids and getting fresh air and exercise all in one.

Where did we go?

Our friend took us to a local place called Rough Park. From our house to the park and back again was 5km. So quite a nice trek. We live in an area where a lot of local people class as quite run down so for us having this on our door steps really shows that it isn’t so bad.

What is there to see?

Once you have got through the mud puddle. ( Gareth and the pram got stuck!) There is a small stream, lots of different paths to explore. Hills to climb, a few benches scattered around to have a rest and lots of open spaces to let off some steam.

what to bring?

I would strongly advise if you decide to check out the area that you bring a spare set of clothing. It is VERY muddy. Also as it is a long walk make sure that you have a drink to hand to keep yourself hydrated. DON’T take a double pushchair, we made that mistake and it isn’t very accessible for pushchairs, let alone a double one. You don’t need any cash at all it is all completely free.

What did the kids think?

All of the children loved the fact that they were able to run around and explore. Annabelle collected some items as we walked around ready to make pictures at home with. Harry and Ellie enjoyed the different places to climb and pose for photographs.

A good free family filled afternoon was loved by all

Thank you Lesley for showing us

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