Fun Christmas Games Everyone Can Play (Including Kids of All Ages!)

While the holidays are an exciting time of year, not every moment is full of festive activities. Indeed, some people even find that long hours spent at home during the holidays can actually grow quite boring after some time.
A fantastic way to liven up the holiday atmosphere is to prepare and play some fun Christmas games with your family and guests. No matter who is over, you can find the perfect game for your party.

Home Holiday Bowling

Who doesn’t love to go bowling?
All you need to play this game is a small stretch of space in your kitchen or a hallway, a soft ball, and ten paper cups!
First, take the ten paper cups. Choose blank cups and have the family draw different holiday designs on them together, or pick up a pack that are predecorated to get the family into the Christmas spirit while playing.

Next, set the “bowling cups” up in a pyramid with four cups on the bottom, three on the next level, and so on.
Once the pyramid is complete, use the soft ball to take turns bowling and knocking them down!

This game is safe to play at home as long as you play where there is nothing breakable nearby and ensure that you only use a soft ball. Enjoy home holiday bowling with your family this Christmas season!

Become Christmas Trees

This game is best played with a group of at least six people but can be adapted for less. While playing, you will be decorating one team member to look like a Christmas tree!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started on this kind of fun:

● Scissors
● Construction paper
● Streams
Name labels for school (decorated as gifts for each person at the party!)
● Aluminium foil
● Tape
Any other festive, inexpensive decorations!

Set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes. During this team, each team should select one person to be their “tree,” and decorate them to look like best dressed tree in town!
If you want to choose a winner, make sure that you have someone who is not on a team to act as the final judge.
Whether or not you want to choose a winner, make sure to take lots of funny pictures of each team with their tree before you unwrap them!

Unwrap It All!

When it comes to Christmas games, who doesn’t like a bit of good-natured competition? In this game, each player will be racing their opponent to unwrap a gift the fastest.
But this game isn’t that simple.
Each gift will be wrapped with many layers of wrapping paper and ribbon to make the unwrapping task more difficult. Oh, and each player will be wearing big gloves or oven mitts!
With these bulky hands, each player should try to unwrap their gift as quickly as possible. Use a timer to record how long it takes each player to unwrap their gift so that you can easily find out who is the fastest unwrapperer(?) of them all.
When setting up this game, it is very important to make sure that every gift is wrapped in a similar manner to make the game fair.

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