From Enemies To Friends

When sitting in my house it’s not unusual to hear “Mummy Bethie is winding me up” or “Freddie just hit me” These guys have spent much of their short lives so far being anything but friends.From the second Bethie was born she absolutely idolised her brother. If he went passed her bouncer when she was a baby she would beam from ear to ear. As they grew together for those first few years they were far from best friends.

When Harry and Ellie were babies they were literally joined at the hip. They never fought, were always playing and laughing together. They were closer than I have ever seen small children and that hasn’t changed. They are still best friends now that they are teens.

a picture of Harry and Ellie as babies and then as teens

So when Freddie and Bethie also had a small age gap I automatically assumed that they would have that same bond and love for each other as Harry and Ellie had. I was wrong!

Adoring her big brother

Bethie adores Freddie , if you ask her to choose who her favourite is out of various family members her answer is always the same. Every opportunity she gets she will try to cuddle him and most of the times she’s met with her big brother pushing her away.

She follows Freddie around like a little puppy and is constantly trying to join in his games. Don’t get me wrong she can also be a little madam and slyly will push him or pull him over but in general she just tries to love him.

Bethie and Freddie pretending to fight each other

Unfortunately Freddie is very selective of who and when he gives cuddles and he doesn’t seem to appreciate the love his sister tries to offer him or so I thought!

Lump in throat aww moment

For the last few days I’ve noticed that Freddie has started to enjoy playing around with his little sister. Whether it’s because she a little bit bigger so he doesn’t worry he will hurt her or it’s because he can boss her around I’m not sure.

One thing I do know is that after them constantly bickering its amazing to see them finally having fun together.

Today I sat back and watched in amazement as Freddie accidentally knocked Bethie over. He stopped straight away ( any other time he would just carry on playing and ignore that she was hurt)

He helped to lift her up off the floor then looked her up and down brushing off any bits on her. He asked if she was OK then gave her the biggest hug in the world. I shouted through to everyone else in the kitchen to come and see the cutest thing ever!

Freddie giving his little sister Bethie a cuddle

Becoming friends

As a mother who spends her entire life shouting “Freddie leave Bethie alone” and ” Bethie stop pulling your brother over” It is so nice to see them just being friends. I’m not 100% convinced just yet but I think they might actually be starting to like each other!

I really hope this bond that they have just developed stays and they become the best of friends just like their older brother and sisters are. In the meantime I will just keep going all soppy every time they do something cute!

Bethie and Freddie having fun together

Thank you for reading 🙂


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