Out in the fresh air joining in with the new craze “Shropshire Rocks”

If you’re local to where I live you may well have heard all about the latest craze “Shropshire Rocks” The idea is that you paint some rocks in any way that you like then take them out and about and hide them for other people to find them. On the back of the rocks is a short message asking whoever finds it to take a picture and add it to the Facebook Group Shropshire Rocks. If you go out searching for rocks and find any you take a picture post it to the group then you can either re-hide it or you can keep it.


Our adventure

As it’s the school holidays and we currently have no car ( please if there’s a fairy anywhere with a supply of cars send one my way! ) We are always on the look out for fun things to do with the kids that aren’t going to cost us the earth. With 7 of us, a simple trip to a soft play can end up costing us a fortune so we are always eager to hear of new fun things we can do that don’t cost the earth. You can imagine how excited we were when we read all about Shropshire Rocks and the idea behind it. A lady called Rachel had seen it successfully done elsewhere and decided to start a group up locally.

We had decided that we would go hunting for rocks, just as we walked out of the door it started raining but I was determined that we would be going and doing something productive today so we swapped the prams over to the double that had a raincover and we set off on our little adventure. Freddie absolutely loves it if we say we are going on an adventure (a long walk) and he was even more excited because he had some nice new blue wellies so could splash in the puddles.

Where were all the rocks??!

We walked around a local wooded area, past the ducks and along the muddy path. I won’t lie after walking for around half an hour I was getting a little worried that we weren’t going to find anything. The kids searched high and low but we couldn’t see any rocks at all. I had followed the group closely so knew that plenty of people were out there joining in but it looked like we had stumbled on an area where nobody was taking part.

Phew we found some

Just as I was about to give up all hope that we were going to find any Harry shouted that he had found one. The back had writing stating that it had been left by someone called Sally and we took a picture to post on the group. This was the start of us finding quite a few each time one was found the kids had their picture taken then we re-hid them.

Fun, Free and Exciting

We honestly had a fantastic afternoon, We walked for a good 2 maybe 3 hours, I even completed my steps for the day on my Fitbit which will do me wonders on my fitness journey ( You can read my fitness journey over on MOFM Health Kick)  It didn’t cost us a penny, nobody was on technology, everyone was running and searching, We were all very excited when we found something and on our way home we picked up some rocks to decorate ourselves ready to go out and hide tomorrow. If there isn’t something like this in your area then start it! Or if there is join in. Don’t worry if you’re not the worlds biggest artist, I’ve seen today from my children that they are so excited to find the rock that if it has something fancy it adds to the excitement but they are just as excited about the fact someone has hidden it and they have found it.

Give it a go!



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2 thoughts on “Out in the fresh air joining in with the new craze “Shropshire Rocks”

    1. It really is a clever idea, It’s taken off very well around here. Maybe start it and see if it takes off you may well be surprised 🙂

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