Freddie was abducted by Aliens!

Today started the same as any other, we all got up and made our way downstairs for breakfast. Gareth arrived to help with the school runs and we had a little chat. This was when Freddie dropped the bombshell that he had met some Aliens!

He randomly asked me if I had ever met any aliens to which I obviously replied no. Freddie then went on to say how he had. Curiosity got the better of me so I asked him all about his experience. The conversation went as follows.

Freddie : I saw a spaceship

Me: When?

Freddie : Last year, it was by my school

Me : Really? What happened?

Freddie : The door opened and they asked me to step inside

Me : And did you?

Freddie : Yes I did, it was really big

Me: Did you go anywhere?

Freddie : Yes they took me to Mars, Did you know you can’t get a drink on Mars?

Me: No I didn’t , what colour were the aliens?

Freddie: They were blue and green

Me: Were they nice?

Freddie : Some were very nice but there was some mean ones, I didn’t like those ones so I asked them to take me home.


After sitting and being a little bit freaked out at the description of Freddie’s trip with the aliens Annabelle piped up with the words ” Mum he’s just told you an episode of Steve and Maggie! 

The imagination of my 4-year-old is incredible, the way he described his adventures with such description truly made us enjoy his story. I already know he is a very good story-teller so rather than tell him that I didn’t think aliens were real I let him continue telling me about his adventure. If only you could have seen his face and hand actions as he described it as if this had really happened to him.

I think my little man will become an incredible author or something that requires a vivid imagination when he gets older.

I hope you enjoyed Freddie’s adventure with the aliens as much as I did


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