Freddie is now a big boy 3!! And I want my baby back!

On Thursday my youngest little man turned a big boy 3! It’s crazy to think how fast it has gone. I’m pretty sure it was only yesterday I found out I was pregnant with him yet here he is all grown up.

The night before his birthday we had to call the out of hours docs as he wasn’t very well, they diagnosed him with croup so he has spent the majority of the last few days a poorly bunny.

It’s so completely crazy to think come September he will be in proper nursery like a big boy, He loves going to ‘school’ and they have placed him in one of the bigger rooms for September. Hopefully he will settle in OK. You see Freddie isn’t the most sociable of children. He is very independent and knows what he likes and dislikes. He isn’t afraid to tell you if there is something he doesn’t want to do ( remind you of anyone?)

What did he get?

He is completely and utterly firemen obsessed so he had a lot of firemen/ fire engine related toys. Including dressing up clothes, puzzles and fire engines.  I decided to get him a bit of art and crafts as he doesn’t generally do much arty stuff. He’s never really been interested in it unlike his brother and sister who were art and craft obsessed.

Freddie absolutely LOVES to pretend that he is rescuing somebody and his imagination is incredible. He has such an amazing bright personality, recently we found a video Annabelle had recorded on our phones and in it Freddie jumps up and takes over, it’s so cute to watch you should check it out!

Whatever you do don’t blink!

In a flash your cute baby will be all grown up and independent. Enjoy every second of the night feeds and cuddles because they don’t last forever. I remember wishing my baby would just sleep and now I long for the days where I could cuddle and rock him to bed without him being a “big boy now”

Thanks for reading.



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