Frankie & Benny’s Breakfast visit and review

As some of you will know I’m currently on a health kick but I decided that due to me working so hard that I deserved a treat so today we decided to have our breakfast at Frankie & Benny’s

Our experience

We walked into the restaurant with Beth in the car seat as she had fallen asleep in the car and we didn’t want to wake her. We were greeted within seconds by a very well presented man, he looked clean and tidy and was very pleasant and well-mannered. As we were shown to our seats he noticed that we had Beth asleep in her car seat and offered to help move the tables so that she could be seated on the bench with the table in the way to stop her falling. I thought this was a very thoughtful gesture. Most restaurants leave you to place a baby in a car seat on the floor but this kind man had made it so that it was comfortable and safe for her to be at the same level as us. He asked us if we wanted drinks before leaving us to look at the menu that he had neatly places in front of us.

Within minutes our drinks were served, both myself and Gareth chose the orange juice and it was served to us in a large glass with ice and a straw. Perfect, I mean who doesn’t love ice-cold orange juice right?. Then we were asked what we would like to eat. I loved the fact the menu had so many options, ┬áIf you wanted something lighter you could or if you were mega hungry you could choose a giant breakfast. I went for the eggs Benedict whilst Gareth opted for the Traditional breakfast. We were asked if we would like some sides to go with it and we chose hash browns and toast so that Beth could have some. By this point she had woken up.

The food

The food arrived quickly on clean plates, well presented and looked beautifully cooked. Exactly what you would expect when visiting somewhere to eat. After we’d had our food for a short while the waitress returned to ask us if everything was OK with our meals before leaving us to enjoy our food.

My eggs Benedict was delicious, the eggs were cooked to perfection ( none of that snotty undercooked egg white stuff) and everything else was great although I did think my sauce may have split a little but I ate it anyway, I gave my bacon ( you are given a choice of bacon or ham) to Gareth as it was streaky I think so had a little bit too much fat on it for my liking. This wasn’t their fault though and purely mine for being so fussy.

Gareth said his breakfast was very greasy which was a shame as he thought the staff and service was excellent. The food just let it down for him a little bit.

Overall thoughts

The staff at Frankie and Benny’s were very polite, helpful and they were all dressed clean and well presented. The restaurant itself was very clean and tidy. Our cutlery was perfectly clean as was the table. My food was delicious however Gareth felt his was very greasy. All in all we found it a lovely experience and in fact we noticed a good offer on as we were walking in there for the kids so think we may return and take everyone. I can’t fault the service we were given, even down to collecting the bill, we kind of rushed them as Beth had started getting unsettled and we didn’t want to disturb anyone else. They immediately stopped what they were doing to come and help us. We would definitely recommend it as the small things that we didn’t like could just be because we are fussy rather than the restaurants fault. It was a relaxing , pleasant experience.


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