Four Corners World Buffet – Restaurant Review

On Tuesday 23rd May I took my eldest 3 children to the local town centre to spend their birthday vouchers, whilst we were there I asked them where they would like to go to eat and they said they wanted to try the  Four Corners all you can eat buffet in Southwater. I will be honest here the idea wasn’t exactly a great one to me. I’d heard a lot of bad things about the restaurant, the food, the staff and had been when it was trading under a different name where I was given an awful experience. However I’m all for giving places a chance and I hadn’t been myself since it had changed.

Photo taken from the Four Corners Facebook page
*Photo Taken from the Four Corners Facebook page

We opened the doors and made our way up the stairs into the restaurant. I walked over to the bar where I asked the person whom I presume was the manager if we were to find our own table or if we would be seated. This wasn’t very clear there were no signs to suggest we wait to be seated and we kind of just got look at as we walked up the stairs. The man instantly said ‘someone will seat you now’. The waiter appeared and showed us to our table and then took our drinks order before telling us to help ourselves to the food when we were ready.

Our Experience

The two elder children went to get their food whilst myself and Annabelle waited at the table for them to return before going and getting our own food.  Whilst we were waiting I looked out of the window ( we were luckily given window seats) and noticed it was a pretty good view, you could see the lake and Telford Town Park.

Waiting for her turn for food

After the elder children returned with their plates full it was mine and Annabelles turn. We walked over found the plates and started to look at the food. There was a selection of Indian, Chinese, Mexican and Italian to choose from however I felt the emphasis was clear on the Indian and Chinese food as there was far more of a selection for those options than there was for the other 2. In fact I was very disappointed in the lack of options in the Italian section as I am a huge fan of Italian food and was looking to an all you can eat option. Unfortunately there was only 3 pizzas, a vegetarian lasagna and some sort of pasta to choose from. (I tried the pasta and I am still unsure what it was I can only assume it was some sort of pasta bake)

Our choices

Harry chose Chicken Tikka masala, Pilau Rice, Naan Bread  for his first plate with a  random slice of pizza and salad. Chicken nuggets and chips for a second plate ( eyes bigger than belly as he couldn’t eat the second plate) He really enjoyed the chicken tikka masala and he discovered that apparently pizza and masala goes together


Ellie chose Chicken Korma , Chicken Tikka masala , Beef Curry, Pilau Rice and Naan Bread. and a slice of garlic bread.  For her second plate she had pizza, chicken nuggets and chips ( Again couldn’t eat it) She enjoyed her meal and said the majority of it was very nice however she did not enjoy the naan bread commenting that it had a weird taste to it and didn’t seem to taste like the naan bread she was used to.


Annabelle chose a random selection of tortilla chips, poppadoms, naan bread, prawn crackers a slice of pizza and some chips with some cucumber. She enjoyed her meal and said that she would definitely go there again.

All 3 children stated how nice the pizza was and even recommended I try it for myself.

I chose the sweet and sour chicken, crispy seaweed, mini spring roll, mexican rice ( I thought it might make a nice change) a piece of naan bread and a slice of garlic bread. I found the sweet and sour chicken to be very nice there was plenty of chicken in it and the flavour was very satisfying, I have never tried mexican rice before but I thought it was really tasty and will be having it again, the spring rolls were a bit of a gamble I couldn’t find the little stand saying what kind they were so just bit into it hoping it was vegetable and it was. Unlike Ellie I didn’t think the naan bread tasted different however we later discovered that we had taken them from different areas. The seaweed was tasty and I enjoyed my meal.

I later discovered that there was a barbecue grill. It wasn’t signed or if it was then it wasn’t very noticeable so by the time we discovered it we had already eaten.


Harry chose an ice-cream cone , he enjoyed the fact he could make it himself but wasn’t impressed that the man behind the station has squirted the sauce not only over the ice-cream but all over Harry too. When Harry mentioned this the man simply replied ‘you’ll have to lick it off wont you* There was no offer of help or to get him something to wiped it off with. In fact the man seemed to find it quite amusing that he had covered him in sauce. As you can see from the picture below Harry was not impressed.

Ellie chose an Ice-Cream cone with flake and white chocolate buttons, she then went back up from mousse,a chocolate cake & Jelly. She thought the puddings were really nice , the ice-cream was light and fluffy and the chocolate mousse cake was delicious. She thought the desserts were way better than the mains.

Annabelle chose an ice-cream in a cone with white chocolate buttons with chocolate and toffee sauce,  Jelly , Strawberry mousse and chocolate mousse cake. She thought all of the desserts were in her words ‘nommy’ Her favourite being the strawberry mousse pot

I chose the little trifle, the chocolate mousse cake, the strawberry mousse and the jelly. All of them were in reasonable portions, others may think they were very small however I think they were fitting sizes after eating all of that food. I also thought the chocolate mousse cake was delicious and if I had anymore room left in my stomach I would have eaten more of them.

Overall thoughts

I would give the overall experience a 7 out of 10. The reason it isn’t higher is I feel that we could have been directed better to where we got our food from, where each section was and told how it worked. Even a little leaflet on the tables with simple instructions would have been helpful. There wasn’t really a sense of direction and when it came to pay the bill I wasn’t sure if I needed to wait for a bill or go to the till. It was only by chance that we noticed somebody else paying and the till and knew that’s where we needed to pay. The different areas were hard to find despite them being in the centre there was nothing signposted to highlight which food was where. The man on the desert counter could have been more helpful in helping Harry to clean up the mess and I feel it was very expensive it cost £60 for myself and 3 children bearing in mind Annabelle eats like a mouse so barely ate anything. The staff were friendly and the restaurant was clean. The food that I ate was very satisfying and I enjoyed it. I would go back again but would try to go earlier in the day as the price is far cheaper. We arrived at 5pm meaning we were charged the evening rate.

Despite my previous reservation of eating there after hearing a lot of bad things myself and the children enjoyed our meals and left feeling full up and satisfied.

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