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The latest craze with all of the kids young and old at the moment is the fidget spinner. We were excited to get one in the post after Harry had ordered it via amazon. I had heard non-stop about this amazing spinner from the second he ordered it for himself out of his birthday money.

When it arrived the package was opened excitedly and out came the thing that they had been waiting days for, the thing they wanted most of all and you can imagine my surprise when out cam this tiny little black thing. with a few holes in it. Not wanting to rain on their parade I asked them to show me what it does and I’m going to be honest I wasn’t impressed. It literally just spins around as you can see from Annabelle’s review she loves it but couldn’t really find much to say about it.

That being said they weren’t actually designed to be the next big things with ALL the kids, they just kind of accidentally ended up being something far bigger than imagine.

The real reason behind the fidget spinners was so that Autistic children or children with conditions such as ADHD would have something to keep their hands occupied. They are also said to be great stress relievers. How ever after looking up this on the internet whilst writing the review there was nothing actually to say that it is proven that it helps

To me they are just a modern-day version of the spinning top or a yo-yo and once they’ve learnt the tricks it will probably end up at the bottom of the toy cupboard along with the world’s supply of loom bands. That’s my thoughts on them but you can find out Annabelles in her YouTube Video.

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