Feeling positive

This morning I have woken up feeling very positive. If you follow me and my blog then you will know the other day I was called fat twice and it really affected me, I just felt frustrated that I have been trying so hard to exercise and lose weight yet people don’t see that and just see fit to make others feel bad.

My babies are coming home today!!!

On Saturday evening my oldest 3 children went to stay at their Aunties and Uncles house. This is a huge thing because nobody ever has my children other than the very rare odd night here and there so for them to leave me for a whole 5 days is something that never usually happens. I am one of those mums that genuinely loves having my kids around. I love school holidays and don’t like it when they’re away from me.

They’ve coped really well with it and had a fantastic time exploring and doing different things, Harry has written about some of the things they’ve been up to in this weeks The Kids Take Over.

I’ve launched my second blog

Last night saw the launch of my new blog MOFM Health Kick, If you follow my Instagram you will know that I’ve really taken to trying to eat healthy and exercising and I thought that it would be more suitable to create a blog especially for my weight loss journey rather than clutter this one up with it, I mean let’s face it you’re probably here because you’re interesting in the kids and what they’re up to and general parenting babble than what I had for breakfast.

Gareth and I are getting on great

We are a long way off being the couple we wanted to be but we are making positive steps to building a better partnership. It is looking positive that we may actually have a future together after all and that this break is what we both needed to see how much we meant to each other. We aren’t completely back together but we are making positive steps in the right direction.

Our morning

Has been spent singing and playing instruments with the babies and generally enjoying the last couple of hours peace before our attention is again divided by 5. I have to go have a filling at 11:30 and then I’m off to the gym with my sister-in-law this afternoon.

The future is looking brighter, healthier and I can’t wait to see what it holds!

Thanks for reading.


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