Favourite Xmas songs and why we love them

I figured its November now so it’s perfectly acceptable to start blogging about Xmas right? Today I want to talk about our favourite Xmas songs and why we love them so much.For me the best Xmas song ever is Mistletoe and Wine. I just love the song. I really love the fact that the song describes Christmas perfectly. ” with logs on the fire and gifts on the tree” Although I’ve never put my presents on the tree I generally put them underneath it but you get the idea. I decided to ask the kids what their favourite songs were and why

Annabelle – Rocking around the Christmas Tree

To her it makes her feel like they’re decorating the Xmas tree. She loves it when we get all of the decorations out and start decorating. We put Xmas music on in the background. Look through all of the decorations deciding what we’re putting up and where.


Harry – 12 Days of Christmas

This song counts down the days to Xmas building up the excitement to the big day. The lyrics have special meanings. The partridge in a pear tree reminds him of an angel on top of a tree. The five gold rings represent all of the love at Xmas and there is plenty of that in our house.


Ellie – Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer

There are 3 reasons that Ellie loves this song. The first reason being it’s probably one of the most upbeat and happiest Xmas songs ever. Secondly, we have our very own version of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer which is funny and makes me smile and lastly she remembers her Nan having a little teddy and when you pressed the button it sang the song and it’s nose lit up. We often opened our presents to the Rudolph singing.

Bethie -Jingle bells

I asked her why she liked it she said ” Jingle bells” She was then asked what her favourite part was and she said ” Jingle bells”


Freddie – Jingle Bells

It’s his favourite song because of the words. He likes it because it’s fun and happy.


I asked some bloggers what their favourites were and why

 OMG Family Life & Food – Fairytale of New York the Pogues. Sums up how I feel about Christmas.

This was a popular choice and also favoured by

The Mum Diaries – I Iove fairytale of new york. There isn’t any particular reason why it is my favourite but it instantly reminds me of Christmas every time i hear it.
Yorkshire Mum of 4 – I love that it doesn’t try to be like the other songs that are around for Xmas. It shows that you don’t always have to be the same as others and you can still be a success. Same with rage against the machine when that became number 1 if you want something that much you can make dreams come true.
It’s me and Ethan –  can remember it being played on many Christmas eves throughout my childhood that it just brings me back to my dad singing it while we waited excitedly for santa to arrive. I love it so much I wrote a parody of it a few years back.

(It’s definitely on my list of favourite too!)

Mummy Snowy Owl –  I’m the happiest Christmas tree, it was on a random Christmas tape (yes tape) my mum had and it always made us crack up laughing as we sang along!

(I’ve never heard of this one so I’m gonna have to google it)

Dad V World – Mariah Carey is my favourite. No real reason just makes me feel Christmassy!

( This one actually has a really good memory for me of a time when we had finished work all climbed into someones car ready for a Xmas night out, I was singing the main bit and everyone else did all the backing vocals. It was amazing!) 

David and Donetta – I love the Noddy holder/Slade Merry Christmas Everyone, it just reminds me of it being on the TV when I was a kid while me and my mum was putting all the decorations up

( It’s Christmassssssss , as soon as you hear that you at least have to tap your feet) 

Around the world in 18 years – Santa Claus is coming to town. We played it so much on the run up to our trip to Lapland

( I think this is one of the first Christmas songs you are taught growing up) 

Baby Holiday – I love the 2004 version of Band Aid. I was on a year abroad as part of my uni course and living in France with a lovely group of girls. We played this over and over as we got ready to go home for Christmas after the first four months away from home and it takes me back to our time there whenever I hear it.

( Sounds lovely )

Coffee , Cake, Kids – One More Sleep by Leona Lewis. We moved to North Wales two years ago, and a few days before Xmas we were on the beach in Llandudno. The pier was all decorated for Christmas and that song was blaring out. I actually started crying – happy tears!

( I lived near Llandudno for 5 years it was beautiful round there at Xmas ) 

Pack the PJs – John Lennon – Happy Xmas (War is Over) … it’s my brother’s Christmas anthem! He’s a miserable sod (think Scrooge) and this undoubtedly gets sung at the Christmas table every year!!

( I’m so glad there aren’t really any scrooges in my family, I’m Xmas crazy!) 

All Things Christmas – When I was dating my husband, we were at a Coffee Shop in early December drinking hot chocolates and reading the paper and they were playing Micheal Buble’s Christmas album. ‘It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas’ was on, and it’s stuck with us now every year we play it at the start of the season and even my Husband says it gets him into the Christmas spirit

( You have officially won the award for the cutest story and best blog name ever!)

So there we have it

There are so many different favourites and reasons for them.  There is always something that lights that little bit of magic in our bellies.

What are yours? I would love to hear them

Thank you for reading






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2 thoughts on “Favourite Xmas songs and why we love them

  1. I’m so exited for Christmas. Though I’ve not yet put my playlist on. One of my favourite songs is wonderful dream by Melanie Thornton. It’s the Coca Cola advert song. The lyrics are lovely. So lovely in fact when I got married on Dec 20th 2009 we had it as our exit music. Even just the first few notes give me all the Christmasy feels.

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