How exactly do you get your toddler to wear clothes?

For the last week or so Freddie has become a bit of an exhibitionist. The thought of wearing a T-Shirt absolutely terrifies him and now he has taken to not wearing trousers either and simply parading around in his pants. How exactly do I get him to wear clothes? He is currently potty training so at the moment we are changing his pants every 2 seconds. Despite us asking him every 2 seconds if he needs a wee, he still manages to pee everywhere!

Anyway I got sidetracked again… I do this a lot. As I was saying so he has this big phobia of clothes at the moment. As you know I am a mummy of 5 children and this is a new one even for me.

The Things I have already tried

  1. Bribery – Every good parent knows that the mention of chocolate can almost solve anything . The only problem I have with that is as I’ve been typing up this post the little bugger just stole the chocolate egg from the side of me. ( It wasn’t mine Gareth left it there – honest) Then he sat laughing at me.
  2. Wrestling – Whilst I know this isn’t strictly the correct way of handling it sometimes a good old run and grab is the only way , however this super toddler is quicker than his X amount of stones mother and gets away! Whilst shouting ” You can’t catch me “
  3. Distraction – I have tried tickling which usually ends up in not only him still not dressed but also him peeing himself AGAIN! Also this means he spends more time running away from the tickle monster than putting his top on.
  4. Being silly – Putting trousers on my head or his. Saying this is where they go in the hope that he will say “no silly they go on here” However I’m just left looking like a twonk whilst he looks at me like I’m an alien from outer space.
  5. Searching for the clothes monster – Something has obviously brought on this sudden hate of clothes wearing. I have searched the whole house, the cupboards, under beds, in the garden, the garage, the shed and I am yet to find the clothes monster therefore I can only assume his is actually just being a brat!


So if anyone has any suggestions that may help us get our little rascal dressed BEFORE he goes back to nursery on Monday that would be fab. ( obviously he won’t be stuck in them clothes till Monday no matter how tempting that idea is for an easy life)


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