Escaping reality

I was sat recently thinking about how other people attempt to escape reality. Everyone at some point or another just feels like they need a short period of peace. Where they take themselves away from the world and everything else in it. Whether it’s taking part in a hobby, joining a club of some sort, running. There is always something.

Reading a book

Recently I have started to read books again, I realised that a lot of my stress and worry was because I never actually shut off completely and take time for myself. Don’t get me wrong a couple of times a year I go away with my friends but even then there is always someone around and you don’t actually get to rest. ( We are usually too busy seeing who can create the most lethal alcoholic concoction to think about resting)

I thought back to a few years ago when I used to read a lot of books, I never felt anywhere near as stressed as I have been recently. Reading that book was my little escape from reality. My chance to sink into a world miles apart from the real world and be completely engrossed in something that didn’t involve me over thinking the world.

So last night after a particularly stressful week I decided it was time to get my head back in a book. I had been talking about it for days on my Instastories but hadn’t actually bothered to start one.

I’m a bit like a magpie, I have the best intentions, sit there and think to myself tonight I will have a nice hot bath, clean pj’s then just relax with a book. What actually happens in I either pick up my phone and get stupidly addicted to random videos, nattering to people on Facebook or play the game I’m currently addicted to ( Toy Blast if you don’t play it then don’t start it’s ridiculously addictive!)

Or I think about things I need for the house and go on an online window shopping mission, ohhh actually what is it called if it is online, because you’re not looking through Windows, well you are but its a whole different kind of windows! ( see magpie!)

Taking time for yourself

So anyway as I was saying, Last night I decided it was the night. I was finally going to find something to read on the kindle app on my phone and I was going to ignore the world and submerge myself into another place.

I chose a book called The Girl I was before, I happened to find it already on my kindle app so I’m guessing I had downloaded it a while ago with the intentions of actually reading it. I settled down in bed and began the story.

Within 24 hours I had read the whole thing start to finish and do you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed every second. For those moments where I was reading the book, I wasn’t stressing about illnesses, I wasn’t worrying about the housework, I wasn’t thinking about how to keep the kids entertained what I was doing was actually relaxing and boy did I need to!

Everybody needs a small escapism away from reality, even if its only for half hour . I think it’s important to help keep you mentally stable.

So tell me what is your go to thing? Where do you take your break from reality? Is it a TV show, A game, A hobby, A book… let me know also if anyone can recommend any feel good, hopeful, funny, romantic Chick Lit books feel free to point me in the right direction


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