Easter – I DON’T buy my children chocolate or sweets

I know I know horrible aren’t I? But I genuinely don’t buy my kids a single Easter Egg or sweet over the Easter period. Now I would love to tell you all that the reason I don’t buy them is because I am worried about their health, or because I don’t want them to get rotten teeth but I would be lying.

The truth is they get so many Easter eggs from family and friends that by the end of the Easter weekend we are struggling to find space to put them all. I am not even slightly eggsaggerating  ( see what I did there 😉 ) Think about it I have 5 children, if all of them get given just 3 eggs each that’s 15 eggs! each one of those eggs usually contain an egg and a chocolate bar, that is one hell of a lot of chocolate! I also have a strict ” You’re not eating the whole thing” rule. Now this is because of their teeth. So they get to eat either half an egg, or the sweets/chocolate that is inside per day.

Because of my rule they are usually still eating Easter eggs long into the summer holidays. I therefore try to buy them something non-chocolatey instead. When they are smaller this is usually pretty easy and will be something arty and crafty so we can make things but as they get older it can become more tricky. I sometimes go out and buy them a new top / something to wear. This year I’m struggling a little because they genuinely don’t really need anything. The older ones are a little too big for cuddly bunnies and Bethie is too young to play with glue so I took to the blogging community to ask some awesome bloggers what they do instead of buying eggs for their little ones. Here is what they had to say.

Jenny from The Gingerbread House – My two love the Playmobil eggs, they contain a toy and the eggs can be used as a money-box too

Sarah from Just Buttons Blog – I’m getting my boy a new egg and spoon set ready to use Easter Sunday morning

Beth from Twinderelmo – My in-laws let the kids buy a tshirt for themselves as they get SO much chocolate so it’s nice they still get a treat that they’ve picked themselves – and one that’ll last

Terri from The Strawberry Fountain – Every year we buy each boy a new dressing up outfit

Star from Autism Kids on Tour – When my children were little they were allergic to chocolate! I used to get them cuddly toys, Easter bunny’s or chicks for Easter. When they had too many cuddly toys I got them Easter craft sets and always did an Easter hunt with plastic eggs containing small toys

Amy from Mama Mighalls – I don’t buy Easter eggs either. This year I have done my toddler an Easter basket. I have put in some Easter craft bits,a colouring book, stickers,bubbles and a Peter Rabbit book.

Gemma from Mummy in The MadHouse – Easter is normally not long after a parents evening for our 2 elder children, so we tend to buy them a gift which is for Easter & an amazing school report. So this year we have brought them Children Smart Watches that they have desperately been after & for our 19 month old a garden slide, which will be perfect for when the warmer months eventually decide to make its appearance. We will probably still do a mini Easter Egg hunt, as I just can’t resist chocolate

Lynsey from Mum, Thats Me – We buy them Easter themed books as they’re only young. This year my youngest has Peppa pigs Easter egg hunt and my older one has a Peter Rabbit Easter sticker book

Gail from Yammy Mommy – We always have a nice day out. We do the same for Christmas and Birthday’s as my little boy isn’t that interested in toys! This Easter we are doing an Easter afternoon tea at a local farm

Jo from Not a Frumpy Mum – We bought my little boy the Tony Hide and Squeak eggs for Easter as he didn’t like chocolate, it was his favourite toy for years and we’re passing it on to my youngest this Easter. They are fab!

Eva from Captain Bobcat – I will let them help decorate Easter eggs this year. I really don’t want to buy them gifts and treats, because I try not to treat Easter as Christmas. Especially, that my boy has his birthday too. So we rather make crafts and decorate cooked eggs this year.

Ayse from Are Pops – I will usually get my little girl a bath product. This year we’ve got her an activity book and bunny shaped crayons from the pound store!

Kelly from Kelly Allen Writer –  We tend to do a lot of craft activities, such as designing a bonnet or painting an egg cup. It’s more fun, lasts forever and doesn’t make me put on weight!

Hayley from Devon Mama – This year we bought playdough bits, last year the plastic squeaky Tomy eggs. He still has a little bit of chocolate but that usually comes from grandparents!

Lynn from Mrs Mummypenny – What about cash that the children can put into their savings account junior ISA? My family do this now for Easter, birthday and Christmas and works really well

As you can see from all of their comments there are so many brilliant ideas of things that you can do without buying chocolate, now I just need to decide which ones I’m doing! Whatever you are doing for Easter this year I hope you have a fantastic time and try not to eat too much ( of the kids ) chocolate 🙂


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