What on earth has she done to her thumb! (Look away if you are squeamish)

Ok so as you all know I’m going through a little bit of a rough time at the moment so you can possibly imagine how thrilled I was when Ellie walked in from school last Friday and asked me if her thumb was normal. She then presented me with what can only be described as a deformity in her thumb to which I replied “Oh my god , how on earth have you done that? ”

If you are squeamish then this post is probably not for you so you might want to divert your eyes before I start uploading photographs!

Anyway as I was saying, so I ask her how she did it and I am met with ” I don’t know I just noticed it was hurting looked at it and it looks like this”. We then have to make a swift journey to the local A&E ( all of which happens with Ellie still wondering what all the fuss is about) where she is seen and like myself the doctors and nurses are all baffled as to how she could possibly have done this to her thumb but have no idea how!

After waiting around for quiet a while we were seen by a doctor before being sent round to X-ray, again Ellie was asked how it happened and again she said she had no clue. The tip of her thumb was completely numb by this point but the base was extremely painful. Even the lady who performed her X-ray asked her over and over if she had fallen or even punched somebody. ( Anyone who know’s Ellie will tell you she would never punch anyone she is so politically correct in everything that she does that it’s actually crazy)

We were finally called for the results to be told actually they can’t tell if her thumb is broken at all and that they would strap it up and we would have to return to the hospital on Monday to discuss it with consultants.

No Physical reason why!

Monday arrived and off we went to the hospital where we saw a lovely student doctor and a consultant, they re-took the X-rays and then called us back in where they showed us on the screen that physically her bones looked absolutely normal, no breaks and nothing internally that would cause them concern although I think you can see the twist in the bottom right picture. Somehow her thumb at this point was even worse than it was on the Friday!

They then proceeded to try to twist their own thumbs in the directions of Ellies. We were told that they had rushed through an appointment for an ultrasound of her thumb. (AN ULTRASOUND! I didn’t even know they did ultrasounds on thumbs! I thought they were just for things like babies and kidneys!) And to return later to get it re-strapped ( there wasn’t much point strapping it up when she had to have scan a few hours later)

The afternoon arrived and off we went to have her thumb scanned ( even now I’m still impressed they do that!) We were met by another consultant who specialises in hands and ligaments and things who pointed out to us that the ligaments all looked perfectly normal, and when Ellie was trying to move her thumb the ligaments were trying to move but not going anywhere. This unfortunately made it a bit more tricky as the doctors are now scratching their heads, There has been no injury to the finger because she would have known about it but they are also saying that if it was progressive then she should have noticed before now.

Back in the fracture clinic I asked if they could now strap it back up and the consultant we had seen in the morning happened to spot us and offered to look at the scan for us there and then. He came back to us and told us that as the scan didn’t indicate anything and they really don’t know what has caused it that we need to see a hand surgeon.

So tomorrow morning we are off back to the hospital where hopefully a hand surgeon will be able to shed some light and decide the best course of action ( it is looking likely to be surgery) We are a little concerned they might wish to operate straight away or on Monday which is also the day of my mum’s funeral so right now everything is completely up in the air.

If you have emailed me or messaged and I haven’t replied please don’t think that I am being ignorant or rude things are pretty tough right now and I am trying to get Ellie’s thumb fixed, take care of my dad and help to arrange mums funeral. I will be back to blogging normally soon.

Thank you for reading



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